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WooCommerce Blocks

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WooCommerce Blocks offers a range of Gutenberg blocks you can use to build and customise your site.

Placeholder image and Product Categories output image as Featured image

Among blocks is a featured image block and a cover block. Adding Cover Block to Header allows for a dynamic featured image display at top of page, that changes dynamically with each page.

Woo outputs latest product image and also latest prod title in the Featured title block. That means in header I see fx a Burberry Trenchcoat as the featured image in category winter or maybe in category England.

If woo instead outputs category image and title for the feature, things makes sense. In grid you click an image > Image is now the header.

For tags and searches a placeholder featured image, could be added to woo global, that would display a consistent image (catch all) together with it’s title that displays anyway.

Note: Catch all should not ovewrite cart and checkout, that has their own featured image.

Below screen shows how it should not look, but how it is today. (ignore the 2nd gen iPad txt)

And then screen of how it could look

Overlay txt and menu is applied using Cover Block




Current Status


Last updated: January 25, 2023


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