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Custom Start Date for WooCommerce Subscriptions

Get your subscriptions to start at a later date either chosen by you or by your customers

Please fix the incorrect start date being set unpredictably, or allow a day of the week to be used

I use this software for an odd use-case, but this software is unpredictable and doesn’t always work for me which is frustrating.

My goal is to have a minimum of 12 days before a subscription starts, and to have the subscription always start on a Tuesday (due to delivery being only on Tuesdays). There is no ability to choose a day of the week as a start date, so I have to use “Fixed Start Dates” to achieve my goal.

For “Delay Subscription Start”, I use “Fixed Start Dates”
I have my cut-off time set to 12 days, and for my “Start Dates” I have to manually select every Tuesday throughout the year.

However, sometimes (like today – October 20, 2023), my products are saying the start date will be November 14th instead of November 7th. 12 days from now is November 1st, and the following Tuesday should be November 7th.

In order to fix this, every couple of weeks I need to go into my Woocommerce Products and delete/re-add November 7th (or whatever date isn’t being picked up) and after clicking save it works again.

This tells me that it’s a software error and not a user-error on my part. The fact that it works sometimes, and doesn’t work other times is very confusing to me and leads me to believe that there is a bug in the calculation aspect of the software.




Current Status


Last updated: October 20, 2023


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