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Preselect the option if there is only one option for a selected date

At present time – if there is only one option to book per day, clients need to click on that option also after choosing date in the calendar. If there is only one option to choose from after choosing a date, this option should be preselected so clients don’t need to click two times. It may also be confusing to see and understand that the option needs to be clicked at when there is only one. Now clients get the message “Please select the options for your booking and make sure duration rules apply” when there is only one and it is not chosen / clicked.


Current Status


Last updated: March 26, 2018


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  1. trainingicomplysacom says:

    Hi there, How do you preselect the option, so that clients don’t have to do it?

  2. Pramodini Web says:

    i’m trying to set up accommodation product but when i’m going to test and click on book button it says “Please select the options for your booking above first…”