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Product Filters for WooCommerce

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This is a tool to create ajax product filters that make the process of finding products in your store simple and fast

Product Attribute – Filters Slider

Currently I am using Product Filters for WooCommerce. I can add Product Filter – Attributes as a widget, but it only accepts List, Inline, Select or Dropdown in the style field. Why not add a slider style which picks the lowest value of a numeric Product Attribute and the highest value of the same numeric Product Attribute and creates a slider similar to the price slider.

One of the websites I have created, sells solarpanels and the efficiency of these panels are now shown in a large list of individual numbers. It would be so much easierfor a customer if you could select a lowest and highest value in a slider.


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Last updated: February 6, 2022

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  1. janhajk says:

    We really need this, too. Other filter plugins already have that implemented.