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Product id’s in global selector

It would be great if we could add product ids in the global instead of only categories. Im currently using the categories and if i should add a global to that category it won’t be correct, because not all products have the add-ons. I know i can add on the single product and also remove all globals from the product. I just think in my case it would be more convenient to add product id’s in the global add-ons. Thanks for reading šŸ™‚


Current Status


Last updated: July 30, 2018


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  1. jaskyt8 says:
    Product Developer May 13, 2024 12:43 pm

    Hey there,

    Thank you got your suggestion!

    A similar request with more votes has been posted here: Therefore, I will mark this one as closed — feel free to up-vote the above request instead.

  2. woomigrating says:

    I was in desperate need of this feature (and would still very much like to see it implemented) but I found a temp solution I would like to share.

    I created a category to put products in (let’s say “add-on-1”).
    Addes the individual products to add-on-1.
    (now problem was that category add-on-1 displayed on the product pages meta and site map)

    I used the following plugin to hide the category from front:
    (to make this work properly codemine created the following snippets for me, *awesome support*)

    add_filter(‘wcpv_visibility_only_selected_tax’, ‘wcpv_show_tax’);
    function wcpv_show_tax() {
    return true;

    add_action(‘init’, ‘wcpv_exclude_rules_for_products’, 10);
    function wcpv_exclude_rules_for_products() {
    if (class_exists(‘WCPV_FRONTEND’)) {
    $wcpv_frontent = WCPV_FRONTEND::get_instance();
    remove_filter(‘posts_where_paged’, array($wcpv_frontent, ‘wcpv_products’), 1, 2);

    add_filter(‘get_product_addons_product_terms’, ‘override_global_addon_cached_terms’, 10, 2);
    function override_global_addon_cached_terms($product_terms, $post_id) {
    if (class_exists(‘WCPV_FRONTEND’)) {
    $wcpv_frontent = WCPV_FRONTEND::get_instance();
    remove_filter(‘get_terms’, array($wcpv_frontent, ‘wcpv_get_terms’), 10, 3);
    $product_terms = wp_get_post_terms($post_id, ‘product_cat’, array(‘fields’ => ‘ids’));
    add_filter(‘get_terms’, array($wcpv_frontent, ‘wcpv_get_terms’), 10, 3);
    return $product_terms;

    Maybe this can help other people until Automattic gets their thumbs free to implement such a crusial feature in their not so low priced plugin!