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Re add the “Previous Subscription Status” to the Zapier Filters

We use WooCommerce, Woo Subscription and Woo Zapier plugins. Previously there was a Zapier Filter called “previous subscription status” but when we create new zaps, we do not have that filter. Zapier support has informed us that WooCommerce is no longer sending them that filter and have asked to reach out with a suggestion for this.

“Previous subscription status” filter is essential as it is used to identify the change of the status of a user which is the key trigger for us to add that user to the member list or to remove a user from a list in our CRM.

Please do not consider this is as a new idea but a feature that already existed but has been removed from the latest integration. If you are removing this filter please let us have an alternative option to check on the previous status of a subscription.


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Last updated: June 18, 2020

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  1. OM4 Software says:
    Product Developer December 4, 2023 5:25 am

    Hi there,

    We don’t have plans to include the previous status in Subscription Triggers, due to how WooCommerce’s in-built webhook mechanism operates.

    However, in October 2023 we added Subscription Note support to WooCommerce Zapier. You can use the new Subscription Note created Trigger (which triggers any time a subscription note is added to a subscription).

    You can then use a Filter by Zapier step, filtering on the Note field, for example:

    Note equals “Status changed from On hold to Active.”
    (or a similar filter depending on your use case).

    From there a Find Subscription step will allow you to retrieve the full Subscription record for the note, and from there perform your desired action.

    I hope that helps.