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Order Tags

by  99w
Manage orders more efficiently with automatic or manually assigned tags.

Remove tags in BULK

Since we can add order tags in bulk, why we can’t do the reverse?



Current Status


Last updated: August 23, 2023


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  1. ninetyninew says:

    For consideration:

    1. In the bulk edit select field would you prefer all remove tags to be together in the list, or below each set option?
    2. If you attempt to remove a tag but you have tags which automatically get added upon order update, the removal will not work, as the automatic addition will override it, which might cause confusion – there isn’t really a way around this as the 2 actions are working against each other

    Can you both provide feedback on the above, and we will consider this feature for inclusion in future releases.

  2. brinkdeveloper says:

    Agreed – really liking this plugin so far, however just ran into this issue and it’s a surprising oversight.