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Remove the sticky admin header

Hi there,

When editing orders, there’s a sticky header featuring the “Edit Order” title and an “Activity” button, which occupies precious vertical space for no good reason.

I strongly believe that this header is a misfeature, it shouldn’t exist to begin width, and at the very least, users should be able to disable it without any custom code.

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László Monda

Current Status


Last updated: May 21, 2023


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  1. luisarmer says:

    I hate this damn sh/t! also after the new update, no codes are currently working do “hide” this pease of sh/t!

  2. staedeli says:

    on the edit product screen, eg. the sticky header should include the product title. The way it is now says “Edit Product” is useless, I know I’m editing a product, because I just clicked edit a second ago…