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Accept all major debit and credit cards as well as local payment methods with Stripe.

Replace Purple ‘Buy Now’ Button with G Pay Branded Button for Stripe for Woocommerce Plugin

Ever since we’ve installed Stripe for Woocommerce, we’ve had sales with Apple Pay, but the Google Pay button just confuses people.

Instead of G Pay branding, it’s a purple (or white/dark) button that just says ‘Buy Now’. It doesn’t explain that it’s to pay with Google/Chrome.

It would be great to have typical G Pay branding, just like the Apple Pay button has. I’m sure this would reduce confusion and increase sales.


Current Status


Last updated: April 6, 2018


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  1. daydull says:

    As far as I have seen, the button does include the G Pay branding currently. It says “Buy with [Gpay Logo]”

    Perhaps this has been changed and the issue is resolved?

  2. Doug Aitken says:

    This comes directly from as can be seen on this page when using a compatible device and browser –

    Reach out to to change this.

  3. Micah says:

    ‘@Doug Altken, I actually chatted with at least one Stripe representative via their IRC channel #stripe about this issue and they referred us back to you guys.

    To sum up what he said, they have no plans and not really any interest to change the unbranded, purple button that says “Buy Now” referenced in the original post here.

    His recommendation:

    1. When Buy Now button shows, remove the “Add to Cart” button (which is not good for people on Apple devices who want to pay with Paypal or other methods)
    2. Keep the Apply Pay button for Apple devices (meaning you could keep pulling in the Stripe button that has the Apple brand or provide one in the Stripe plugin to use) but then allow us to provide our own button for other brands like Google (and Microsoft and Samsung too).

    I’m providing a curated summary of my chat so you can review what he said and why this has to go back to WC devs to allow us to customize this.

  4. Krystian says:

    totally agree: It would be much better if it would be possible within the plugin to decide which payment method you want to use and which styling and text you want for the different payment methods.