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Per Product Shipping

by  Woo
Define separate shipping costs per product which are combined at checkout to provide a total shipping cost.

Request for Help with Shipping Cost Calculation

Dear Support Team,

I am using your Per Product Shipping plugin on my WooCommerce site, and I have encountered an issue that I need assistance with.

Currently, I have set up individual shipping costs for each product on my site as per your plugin’s features. However, I am looking to make a change to the way the total shipping cost is calculated in the cart.

My goal is to make the total shipping cost equal to the highest shipping cost of the individual products in the cart, regardless of how many items are added to the cart. For example, if a customer adds three items to their cart, with shipping costs of $5, $10, and $15, I want the total shipping cost to be $15, not $30.

I’ve tried to implement this using custom code added via the Code Snippets plugin, but it does not seem to be working. I suspect this might be because the Per Product Shipping plugin might be using a different method to set the shipping rates.

Would you be able to provide any guidance on how I can achieve this? Your expertise and assistance would be greatly appreciated.

Looking forward to your response.



Current Status


Last updated: June 6, 2023


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