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Restricted Backend Access for Shipping Staff

‘We have a shipping staff, helping us to manage the orders packing and shipping. We don’t want to give him full access to the backend, because we don’t want he knows our turnover, or destroy something by a mistake. Also we don’t want to give him access to change product pages, or anything else of the shop.

Right now we manage the backend capabilities with WP “user role editor” plugin, made a new user rule and gave the capabilities so he can go to the backend, open and manage orders.
But it doesn’t work proper.
What we need is a way which blocks all at the backend, except what needed for manage shipping:
– View and manage orders (best with a good visible product picture, or direct link to frontend product page, if staff need to have a look on what exact is ordered).
– manage stock (but not edit products)
– print invoice, shipping label
I guess this could be helpfull for many growing shops.


Current Status


Last updated: January 10, 2019

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  1. Steve says:

    originally posted in 2019… this really is a must have, wish woocommerce guys would implement this