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Sale price for X cycles in WooCommerce Subscriptions

I have a need to set a discount for X number of months for a subscription. I know that you can do a free trial for X months and I can see that you can set the subscription to only last for a certain number of months. However I need to set a certain number of months at price A (discounted/sale price) then forever at price B (full price).

This can be done with the “Sale Price” however the schedule only lets you enter set dates for the discount when what I need is for the first X months from whenever the customer signs up to be discounted / sale price and it returns to full price thereafter.

I thought this was really simple standard subscriptions functionality as it can be done in both stripe and paypal subscriptions so I am very surprised to discover that it is not included in WooCommerce Subscriptions as standard.

P.S. I know I can achieve this in WooCommerce with subscription coupons however that isn’t ideal as then the product doesn’t show the discounted price or the sale price on the product listing on the site. Plus we would have to give every single new customer a discount coupon and that’s far from ideal.

Can you please add a sale price for X cycles to WooCommerce Subscriptions as standard functionality?


Current Status


Last updated: November 13, 2020


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