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WooCommerce Deposits

by  Woo
Enable customers to pay for products using a deposit or a payment plan.

Save Credit Card Info via Payment Gateway and Force Charge Remaining Balance

I want to make sure there is a way to securely charge a customer their remaining balance without having them manually having to do it.
I’m looking to avoid the scenario where they pay for the initial 1st half and then either take their sweet time getting to the 2nd half or avoiding all together in which case creates major issues on our end.

I asked about this sort of feature a year ago and someone at Woocommerce mentioned saving credit card info was on the road map but with no ETA. I feel like this sort of feature is also handy for businesses that review all orders before processing them. Making it to where you can capture their charge, review the order, then charge their card if everything checks out.


Current Status


Last updated: November 10, 2016


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  1. saultrejo33 says:

    This is a major issue for us. Customers often underestimate how much of our service they will need and we are constantly left with deadbeat customers who skip the bill/remaining balance. One of the single biggest problems our business faces.

  2. Glenn Murdoch says:

    +1 from me

  3. costaricasurftrip says:

    This is a major issue. Not only do we take on the extra possibility of customers ghosting us (and some customers receiving goods or services prior to payment in full without recourse), but we’re also creating more work when the whole point of PAYING MORE to WooCommerce is to reduce the workload on our business managers. Otherwise, I can just charge $1 for every package through Woo and then use another invoicing service that allows me to break down and automate this for customers since I end up till having to do that work anyways with this add on plugin. We’re looking to you for reducing our workload, not increasing it. We need automated installment plans – HELP!!

  4. pieter6cbba43ff1 says:

    Completely agree, this is needed.

  5. Aimee says:

    What ever happened to this from 4 years ago when it was on the roadmap? Payment plans are NOT the same as subscriptions and using the Subscribe All the Things is an awkward work around.

    I need to be able to offer a product with different payments – one payment, two payment, four payment…I would like to use variable products for this and use Deposits plugin (or better yet a payment plan plugin). But instead I’m left creating 3 individual products, one simple and two subscription, then having a grouped product page. And I have three versions of each product so now on my grouped product page I have like 8 products and it’s NOT user friendly or attractive.

    But I cannot use Deposits unless you automatically charge the card on the schedule that is set. When is the last time you bought something where they ask you to go in and manually make another payment on it? I think back to the days I had layaway at department stores in the 90s. That’s when you made your own manual payments, not in the 2020s. šŸ™

  6. Anonymous says:

    I have Subscriptions enabled on our site, so we already collect and store PID & CID through Authorize and auto-charge….at the very least we should be able to leverage these capabilities to auto-charge customers on payment plans.

  7. Benjamen Wu says:

    I have been using the deposit as well for 2 years now. And I have moved to subscription hoping to get it automated. But it turns out to create more problems for me, and I have to move back to deposit. Now some of my products use subscriptions, which makes the whole thing very messed up. lol

  8. Paula says:

    I have asked for this before as well. It is a nightmare to follow up with the payment plan people to get them to manually pay the remaining payments. It is making the plugin a deal breaker for us. Any idea when this may be released?

  9. Aimee says:

    This is a big big deal for me. Can’t use Deposits without it. We regularly offer payment plans and it has to be automated – like pretty much every payment plan is. Our demographic is not super tech savvy, email invoices would easily get overlooked. We only sell digital products too and so they have access to most of their product on the first payment, we want to make it super simple to get their second payment for them and for us. Even with automated payments the second one could get declined, so we still have a decent bit of follow up, I can only imagine how much follow up it would be if it were not automated. I already have CIM it’s just Deposits being able to access it like Subscriptions extension can. Maybe check out their code?

  10. Chris Breuer says:

    This is a deal breaker for our use as well, in this day and age, why wouldn’t it be automated? WooCommerce team told me to use Subscriptions for that sort of feature, so to me it seems like it is a money machine used to WooCommerce to maximize profits.

    I do not need subscriptions thought, we need to charge our customers a deposit and if they fail to make their monthly payments for whatever reason, not only are we losing thousands of dollars per customer then, but our products are out then as well…

    I really would like to see this feature added soon or to get a more specific timeline.