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Quote for WooCommerce

Empower customers to inquire about price estimations and negotiate by adding a ‘Request a Quote’ button on your WooCommerce Store.

Several issues we need your help

1, Category Page, I think it equals to shop page? Add to quote button never appear no matter how we set it up. See the link below,

2, Single Product Page.
i. There is no space between “Add to Quote” Button and “Request Sample” button, could you please help to to make it looks normal?
ii. When you click “Add to Quote” button, generates another button named “View Quote” next to it, does it normal?
iii. When we click”View Quote” button, we came to Quote page, it really looks very strange. We can not edit product, can not edit quantity, etc. Could you please let us know how we can fix it, we want it looks like your page.

3, If we enable”Hide Add to Cart Button”, all buttons disappeared.

We are beginner of website, do you think is this because we not use default WooCommence template? I think many websites have their own design, this should not be the problem.

Please help us, thank you!




Current Status


Last updated: March 8, 2023


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