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ShipStation Discount or Coupon Export Toggle


We patch your plugin after every update to disable discounts from being exported to ShipStation. The reason for this is they turn into line items in ShipStation, and in our ERP system it tries to have an employee pick every order item.

It would be nice to have something we can configure in your ShipStation plugin that lets our intention persist across updates.

While my idea is for Discounts or Coupons, from the looks of the idea forum there are other users who want to control exporting. If it is faster for you to develop, we’d be fine with an XML file that we configure ourselves, so that you don’t have to spend dev hours making pretty GUI options.


Current Status


Last updated: April 3, 2019

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  1. Richard Boos says:

    Let me add some more information.

    We have Amazon, ebay, Walmart, and more in ShipStation. ONLY WooCommerce imports discounts as line items. All the other marketplaces… any discounts we give do not come in as line items.

    We need consistency. If you want to do things differently than what I believe is the norm in ShipStation, that is fine. Simply give us the ability to toggle that, that is all I am asking.