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Subscriptions that ship on a different schedule to billing e.g. pay annually, ship monthly.

It is very common for companies to allow a customer to pay up front for a subscription and still receive the product monthly. It would be great to have this option in the subscription plug-in. Payment settings and how often the product ships should be separate settings.

Current Status


Last updated: August 10, 2013


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  1. Eric says:

    I double this request. We are facing this issue now with wanting to charge an up front cost for a monthly shipped item. I’ve been communicating with support about this and all I receive is ‘currently that is not possible.’ There are many other ecommerce platforms that can separate billing from order processing but this is one big area where WooCommerce Subscriptions falls short.

    In my mind this would be easy to integrate, but apparently it is not. Since it is not possible for subscriptions to show under the orders page unless there’s some sort of billing associated, ie. The subscription would show up under orders only on the first month when initially purchased. There must be a way to show subsequent months (not associated with billing) to show up in the orders page each month. That way us store managers, can effectively use the orders page and other extensions, such as the shipment tracking extension, to process all shipments from one page each month. Also customers are clueless about their monthly orders. For the first month, they receive an email for the completed order with shipping tracking info. For the other months, NOTHING! They wonder whats going on or we aren’t processing it. So to circumvent this, we have to use a spreadsheet and an external email template to let them know their order is processed. HUGE waste of time.

    If this feature is truly not possible, we may be forced to move away from woocommerce. There’s a 30-day money back guarantee on the hundred of dollars we spent on plugins right?

  2. Anonymous says:

    We ship a physical product and we use woocommerce subscriptions for our monthly subscription. We want to start 3-month, 6-month, and yealry subscription options, but the issue we’ve found is that those subscriptions won’t produce monthly orders so we can ship the product every month. I think subscriptions should have the option to have shipping periods that are different from the billing period

  3. Jeff says:

    The idea of subscriptions started before computers and continues today as physically shipped products on recurring intervals that are different than payments intervals. For example, a quarterly magazine with an annual renewal. Tracking shipping of this very, very basic functionality is also necessary. At this point we spend days processing our database to determine who gets what issues of our magazine. It is enough to send us searching for a different product every quarter, or at least find a tutorial for woocommerce about this basic, but lacking functionality.

  4. Paul Gambill says:

    I would really like this option as well. I want to be able to charge recurring billing on a different schedule than shipping.

  5. Dietmar says:

    There should be an extension for WooCommerce Sbuscription for one-time-payment in combination with table-rate shipping. So final the initial order must contain as example 6 times of product and 6 times of delivery as one time payment. And then 5 times of zero-order just with the products to print a packing list.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Seriously. This is super, super basic functionality for a subscription service. If I knew this couldn’t be done, I would’ve never purchased. I’m still seriously considering doing a chargeback and going to something like CrateJoy or Subbly.

    I really hope the purchase by Automattic cleans a lot of this crap up.

  7. Jack says:

    I agree. This needs to be here.

  8. Anonymous says:

    Subscriptions of many physical products require the ability to bill say every month and ship every 3 months.
    This is the basis for many physical product continuity offers.
    It is a basic requirement for a physical product subscription model and should be a fundamental feature of Woocommerce Subscriptions.

    Can this please be expedited as there are many shopping carts out there with that require this fundamental feature

  9. Naomi Spirit-Hawthorne says:

    This is essential for my client. I expect as they grow it will become unmanageable and they will at some point need to consider an alternate.

  10. Dietmar says:

    I’m missing this a lot.

  11. Pj Foley says:

    I’ve seen the workaround for this as proposed in the documentation, and it just has too many downsides. I, like I’m sure many others do, would like to be able to charge a discounted rate for a customer that pre-pays for a year, yet received shipped goods monthly/quarterly/etc.
    Furthermore, having the option to generate a pro-rated refund on unused subscription shipments would be required. This extension is very robust and sophisticated, but this is an unfortunate limitation–and was an unanticipated one at that. This is a very common arrangement for retailers to provide.

  12. Brent Shepherd says:

    This is duplicate of http://ideas.woothemes.com/forums/133476-woocommerce/suggestions/4286694

    We are aware of the request and are keep a close eye on http://ideas.woothemes.com/forums/133476-woocommerce/suggestions/4286694

    Please leave any feedback and votes on that Idea instead of this one. 🙂

  13. Brent Shepherd says:

    Hi folks,

    We are aware of this request and keeping a close eye on it.

    Feature requests normally need at least 150 votes before we guarantee they will make it onto the roadmap.

    In the case of this feature request, the votes have been split across at least 5 different requests, including:

    * 38 votes here: http://ideas.woothemes.com/forums/133476-woocommerce/suggestions/7043649
    * 20 votes here: http://ideas.woothemes.com/forums/133476-woocommerce/suggestions/8506522
    * 9 votes here: http://ideas.woothemes.com/forums/133476-woocommerce/suggestions/7509658
    * 3 votes here: http://ideas.woothemes.com/forums/133476-woocommerce/suggestions/7046166

    Combined with the 57 votes on this request, that means this feature is getting very close to the 150 mark. We also understand the importance of this issue for some stores preferred model for selling so are taking that into consideration.

    At this stage, it’s likely this feature will be included in v2.2 or v2.3 of Subscriptions. It’s too soon to provide an ETA on either of those versions. That means it’s unlikely the feature will be available within the next 12 months, but it will be available eventually.

    We have a pretty good idea of how to implement this, but if you have unique requirements not mentioned already in the comments here or the other requests above, please post them in a new comment.


  14. Henzo says:

    Oh wow – I just assumed this would already be included as part of a $200 plug-in, since it’s such a popular way of doing things now! There’s no way I can wait more than 12 months for this feature. Hoping there was a money-back guarantee!

  15. Dino says:

    I also need the feature to do a 1 time payment for several period subscription. This feature is needed to gift a subscription. Someone wants to pay up-front for 6 month of subscription. The person who received the gift gets his subscription for the pre-paid duration. At the end of the pre-paid duration, the customer shall have the opportunity to turn his subscription to an automatic renewal to continue his subscription. This feature is mandatory for my business… thanks

  16. Morgan says:

    This is a huge challenge for us as well and a major setback each month as we run this manual process via excel spreadsheets and manual email templates. Please consider pushing this to the front of the line, this is common across ALL subscription companies.

  17. Nathan says:

    Yes please! This missing feature has created endless amounts of work for us the last 2 years!

  18. Edward says:

    I dread mailing my subscription boxes every month because I have to generate excel worksheets with all my customers that have paid up front for 3 month or 6 month subscriptions (their monthly orders are not generated). Please add this feature, it will save me hours and hours of work each month.

  19. John says:

    A Must Have!

  20. Anonymous says:

    Yes please we have had two customers in the last three months that would have loved this feature

  21. Anonymous says:

    Yes please with the option to bill shipping monthly would be great 🙂

  22. Anonymous says:

    agreed this is definitely needed

  23. John Johnson says:

    Yes please!

  24. Pam Henkemans says:

    I’d love to have this (sooner than a year, please :)) – my client sells daily meals. If you get a subscription for one or more days a week to have dinner delivered at home, you don’t want to have to pay every week – it would be so much more convenient to be able to pay per month. But without the orders appearing somewhere (i.e. an order export), it gets really hard for them to get a complete overview of how many meals have been ordered for any given day.

    Also – we’d need shipping costs added for every individual meal ordered, not one time shipping. Not sure if this isn’t already in there, just mentioning it to be complete.

  25. Christian Eland says:

    We need this ASAP. Makes no sense having subscriptions order frequency 100% related with payment recurrence.

  26. Morgan says:

    Hi development team, is there an update on this?


  27. Anonymous says:

    yes please do! this would be very helpful to our business

  28. Anonymous says:

    Please. Please. Please.

  29. Anonymous says:

    Just purchased several plugins to move my subscription business from Cratejoy to Woo. This limitation means I just wasted several hundred dollars. Great.

  30. John Johnson says:

    I need this ASAP. For Christmas? Please!

  31. John Johnson says:

    I sell tangible products, like a 2 oz. or 5 oz. bottle of oil with discount pricing for frequency. So the variables are one-time purchase, every month or every two months plus the choice of size: 2 oz. or 5 oz.

    I need a one-time option without it saying for one day (month or year)

  32. Todd Johnson says:

    Any update on this? It looks like we’re well over the needed votes to get this on the roadmap (especially if counting the other threads Brent linked below). Would love to see this implemented sooner than later, and I’m sure many of us would be happy to test the update or help however we can. Thanks!

  33. Green Girl Recycling says:

    We offer a recycling pick that varies from twice a week to once a month, but all the invoices are sent out on the 1st. We really would love to use this add on when you offer this feature!

  34. Derek Steinmetz says:

    I need this as well.

  35. Pierre Parent says:

    This option is vital for our business model. We wish to offer several one-pay timeframe options for our customers (1 month, 3 months, 6 months,…), but we will be shipping to our active subscribers on a monthly basis. The fact that the price appears at “free /month” with a $210 “signup fee” is off-putting to a potential customer and simply does not look right. In the setup for a subscription product, we need to play with these options so that the product appears to the customer as just ‘$210 for 6 moths’.

  36. Dino says:

    I feel like I have been waiting for this feature forever! When will it be provided?

  37. anonymous says:

    Yes please

  38. Agustin says:

    Hi, I really need this feature. We sell organic produce and charge clients four weeks or for the entire season and ship weekly: This is absolutely a feature that is needed. I you want to take a look at your competition in Shopify search for “Recharge Payments”, they´ve had this feature for a long time.

  39. Jonas says:


  40. Aleksander says:

    ‘+1 yes please

  41. Allan says:

    ‘+1 Definitely need this.

  42. anonymous says:


  43. Johanna says:

    yes please

  44. Levi K says:

    This Idea is very Important to our company!

  45. Agustin says:

    Please add this functionality.. It´s very useful for many business models.

  46. Eivind says:

    295 votes only in this thread. As development team says 150 votes guarantees they will make it I take it this is being done something about?

  47. anonymous says:

    I need to charge customers weekly but ship monthly or quarterly or half yearly or yearly

  48. mattmikulla says:

    Please integrate payment up front for multiple renewal cycles.

    We need to offer a year at a discount for a quarterly subscription but still need to generate the quarterly orders in our system for the customer and shipping.

  49. anonymous says:

    Yes, want this.

  50. anonymous says:

    Come on guys, 4 years and nothing?

  51. Richard Ellison says:

    This is so key for so many subscriptions. Is it really that difficult to add in a feature of ‘pay monthly receive quarterly’ for example??

  52. Mian Rashid says:

    I vote for this cos our subscription plan is shipping the product each month for 3 months than after 2 months for unlimited period…

  53. Tim Husband says:

    Any update from WooCommerce on this. This is desperately needed

  54. anonymous says:

    I need this feature too. We are a restaurant which sells weekly and monthly meal subscription.
    We need to deliver the food daily, but we will charge for the full period at the beginning of subscription.

  55. anonymous says:

    need this feature

  56. Chantal Edouard-Betsy says:

    Need this desperately!

  57. Guillermo Rodas says:

    Yes! I need this!

  58. Kyle H says:

    yes yes yes yes yes!

  59. Rich Mackey says:

    This really needs to be addressed. Been checking to see if it’s in 3.0 but it doesn’t appear to be. 🙁 You can fake it with a non-auto renewing variable product, but you can’t make it work AND make the subscription auto-renew.

    Desperately needed.

  60. Marshall Stevenson says:

    I’m contemplating paying large sums to make this happen with a third-party developer. Seriously am in high need of this. Any feedback/timeline would be great.

  61. Leah says:

    New to WooCommerce and disappointed this feature is not available. In addition to a monthly option, I would like to offer customers a lower price for locking in upfront payments of 3, 6 and 12 months. So for example, the customer is charged a lower price every 3 months, 6 months or 12 months, but they are still shipped the product every month. I assumed this would be a standard feature. An update on this feature would be great. Thanks.

  62. Bare Fiction says:

    Still confused as to why this isn’t being commented on as a viable addition to the plugin by woocommerce devs. I sell a magazine subscription, which is of course a yearly subscription payment, but need to ship the magazine separately throughout the year. Definitely not alone in my need for this.

  63. anonymous says:

    I have my fulfillment using shipstation so they see the monthly orders come in from that dashboard. The current work around with the sign up fee might work operationally to have a new order come in each month but the customer facing part is confusing $sign up fee and $0/month for x months. We need to be able to have a product that sells for $x upfront with a subscription duration period that triggers a new order each month for x months.

  64. Miki says:

    Need this for sure

  65. Eniko says:

    This is the bread and butter of subscription boxes, you need to be able to offer a monthly, quaterly, 6 month and yearly subscription options. Check out Cratejoy, they do a nice job of this. I ended up setting up shipping classes to make sure that I can offer these with proper shipping charges, but I had to go to a flat rate for all of my shipping for this.

  66. Kate Raymond says:

    This seems like a pretty basic option to include. I want to offer a 12 month subscription, with options to pay monthly, 2-monthly or 3-monthly, to a product that is shipped weekly. Only weekly.

    There is high demand for this feature!

  67. anonymous says:

    I can’t believe this isn’t here yet. Why is Woocommerce silent on this clearly very popular issue?

  68. Jorge says:

    Please, add this feature!

  69. anonymous says:

    Please add that soon as possible!

  70. Sam says:

    Still no update on this from developer Prospress??

    This Idea was added almost 4 years ago, and is even listed as the proper place to ‘upvote’ it for inclusion in the plugin on the official documentation!

    Some sort of communication from the developer would be nice (even if is to say that there is no intention on adding this feature…). We would then know whether to explore alternative avenues…

  71. Nick says:

    Hello Everybody,

    Thanks for your interest in this feature. This is a “non-update update” in that I can say a couple of things:

    * We are working on it, no kidding. We have code committed, and the feature development has begun. Unfortunately, it is a surprisingly complex feature that touches on nearly every function in the plugin, so it is taking a bit of work. Testing it properly will also be a big effort.
    * No promised ETA as of yet. We originally said Subscriptions 2.2 or 2.3, and since 2.2 got “otherwise occupied” by WooCommerce 3.0+ compatibility, we are now looking at 2.3

    Thanks everybody for your patience, and for using this suggestion site to lend your help in deciding which direction to go with Subscriptions. We are listening to you, and in an ideal world, we could add features as soon as they were requested. In this case, this is a long overdue feature that we are excited to add as soon as we can get it completed and well tested.

    Nick (Prospress)

  72. anonymous says:

    Like for almost ALL magazine subscription !

  73. Jennifer says:

    Please add!

  74. mattmikulla says:

    This is a common and very critical feature as an offer for a subscription.

    Good for customers. Good for Subscription services.

    Please please please add it!

  75. HK says:

    This is critical for my business. Please add it. I am having to consider changing platforms just because of this feature.

  76. Somendra Meena says:
  77. Jon says:

    I currently make this work just fine using the sign up fee and then set a duration for the subscription. I use a combination of tools via Zapier to make it all work swimmingly.

  78. anonymous says:

    [INSERT ALL THE CRYING EMOJIS] Come on, guys! I will pay you money to work on this faster! I imagine everyone on this list would chip in some money to speed this up. We are in such a bind without this feature. If we use the trick of putting the price as the sign-up fee, we can’t allow the subscription to renew or else the subscription will be free upon renewal. But turn off renewal for the subscription is a loss of revenue. We can patch together email reminders when the subscription ends to remind people to come back and renew, but most of them won’t do that. It’s a real barrier to both admin and customer for a smooth subscription service.

  79. Bryan Jersky says:

    Jon – How do you do your renewals?

  80. Tim says:

    Jon (comment on Aug. 31) How did you do this? As far as my attemps go, this will work until it’s time for recurring payment. Signup fee is a one-time payment. Therefore when my advertised renewal period comes around there won’t be a second charge and I will have to make the customer manually sign up again. This is horrible for churn rate.

    My Sister-in-law just posted her FitFabFun quarterly box on Instagram with the caption, “Just received my box. I always forget that I am still signed up for this thing but I love it everytime it shows up!” Bottom line, she would not renew if it was required effort. How are you dealing with this?? would love part-time solution until code gets updated by the Devs.

    To everyone (including myself) who wonders why this code isn’t done yet. I skimmed through the PHP files and from what I could see there are at leats 5-6 different documents that are tied to this function. This means tearing apart all actions in these files and rewriting the functions to separate the recurring payment renewal from the order creation action. It takes time especially when it comes to doing a massive update that can/will break live sites. So it’s a huge responsibility for them to get right.

    That said, it’s not a hard concept and doesn’t require complex innovative code. With a team of 4 people, it could get done in a month of hard work and testing (including some guineapigs for live environment testing). 4 years is a long time.

    I’ll add, there are huge benefits for other features by separating these actions. For example, you could start to think about having more complex order creation triggered monthly, even adding the products you’re going to ship to the tickets automatically so they are counted out of inventory. The only way I see these types of triggered actions being possible is if the order creation is separated from the payment.

    Hope to see this soon!

  81. Vol says:

    We have created an extension which schedules an event to generate shipping order monthly at the moment up-front subscription is purchased. It works perfectly and customer is happy that they just need to export all Orders for delivery. Please contact me if you need help to have it implemented for your shop.

  82. anonymous says:

    how can customer can cancel trial.

  83. anonymous says:

    Could someone from Prospress pop in to give us an update? Any chance this feature will be implemented before 2018?

  84. anonymous says:

    Hello, any update about this feature please ? :/

  85. Luke Cavanagh says:
  86. Umang Prajapati says:

    Please add this feature it is very useful to use. so we can use also switching functionality easily and customer can use it easily. currently i am using https://github.com/Prospress/woocommerce-subscribe-all-the-things. but it have some bugs and it also doesn’t provide switching subscription so customer can not changes subscription frequency later.

  87. Alex says:

    I need to be able to bill and ship on different intervals. If this feature were available, I’d go for WooCommerce in a heartbeat!

  88. anonymous says:

    I need this so bad!!!! I want the ability for customer to sign up for my monthly subscription box and get a discount for committing to 3,6, or 12 months. Woosubscriptions would need to still create an order each month and also would want the subscription to renew at the same terms (ex customer signs up for 3 months at upfront cost, after 3 months they auto renew for another 3 months at upfront cost).

  89. Hugh Brock says:

    This feature would be very helpful for us, I’m glad to see you’re working on it.

    As a print+digital magazine publisher, we need customers to be able to manually renew their subscription before it expires (many of our customers will just never sign up for auto-renew). Is it likely that this feature will include that capability? It seems to go along with de-coupling the shipping schedule from the billing schedule, but it would depend how you implement it.

    Thanks for the hard work, I’d really appreciate an answer to the above.

  90. Craig Junghandel says:

    Pre-paid subscriptions would provide some welcome functionality to this already great plugin. We are currently setting this up with the signup fee workaround, but that solution is quirky and far from elegant. I would be grateful for an option which allowed for customers to purchase upfront payment, fixed-length and discountable subscriptions which can be easily renewed.

  91. Peter Nguyen says:

    Desperately need this function. I want to give discount to customers who pay in early in advance (prepay 3 months, 6 months or a year) but still need to ship physical product monthly.

  92. Peter Nguyen says:

    Spend all the money to setup my subscription store with Woo and WP and now stuck without the ability to configure shipping separately from billing. Can anyone recommend a workaround for this? Or is there another solution provider out there that can do this? Shopify? BigCommerce? I check CrateJoy but it is a hosted solution, I can’t customize my store.

  93. anonymous says:

    Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit, sed do eiusmod tempor incididunt ut labore et dolore magna aliqua. Ut enim ad minim veniam, quis nostrud exercitation ullamco laboris

  94. Anonymous says:

    This function would be perfect for gift subscriptions. People prefer to pay for a gift once and not every month but they will want it to ship to the recipient every month.

    Please add this feature ASAP as it will make selling gifts (a big feature of our business) so much easier for everyone.

  95. Carlos says:

    Please Add. Thanks

  96. Chris says:

    ‘+100 to separation of the payment & shipping schedule into 2 concepts Payment Order Schedule & Product Order Schedule. Must have!!!! On different payment periods this can be achieved currently – such as weekly, month, annual payment – you can use attributes & variations to create payment variants.

  97. Ramesh Elamathi says:

    Hey guys

    We have developed a plugin for this. It allows customers to make up front payment while subscribing. They can still receive the product monthly, but wont be charged on a monthly basis.

    If you would like to beta test the plugin and suggest improvements, please do get in touch with me at support (at) flycart (dot) org


  98. Anonymous says:

    I vote for this times a million!

    The WooCommerce suggested workaround for this isn’t compatible with the Mix n Match extension so we can’t even do that.

  99. Edward says:

    I spend hours every month creating an excel spreadsheet for “active” subscribers that have paid for a 3 month or a 6 month plan to my monthly subscription boxes. I then spend some more time importing these cvs files to my shipping software and updating their “completed” order. Is there a simpler way that i can save time or generate new orders for these customers? Is the feature coming soon?

  100. Brian says:

    Please add this functionality. We offer a discount to customers who pay annually in advance for their monthly delivery. The plug-in needs to auto-generate a monthly order for these customers. Thanks.

  101. Luke says:

    Heard a rumor you were going to build this in Q1. Is it in the works? Hoping to be able to switch to you but this is a deal breaking function for me.

  102. Ramesh says:

    We have created a plugin to sell prepaid subscriptions. Interested, please let us know. I am not sure if i am allowed to post links here. You can check the plugin and its feature at flycart.org

  103. GL says:

    Need the ability to seperate the pre-payment from the subscription timeline. For example we sell with 3 month payments or pre-pay in full while the actual subscription could be for 10 months of shipping a product or an annual service. this is a basic feature that is missing and needs to be added asap please.

  104. Anonymous says:

    basic feature – would be great to have it! I

  105. Yakov Shasha says:

    We have a monthly subscription for a weekly newsletter and would like to be able to use the subscriptions extension to handle this.

  106. Dave says:

    Our magazine is shipped quarterly for our Yearly subscribers. Really appreciate the plugin so I really hope there’s a better way to handle this.

  107. Anonymous says:

    Really need subscription coupons.

  108. Anonymous says:

    Can the developer provide an update for this? I see it’s on the feature roadmap for version 2.3, which I anticipated by march of 2018, and it hasn’t been released yet. We have had our business launch on hold since November, waiting for this feature. Any rough ETA you can provide would help.

  109. Mike Valera says:

    Guys, we have a bunch of clients needing this feature…

  110. Andrea says:

    Please add this function so that we can a pay up front for a subscription feature. I have a client needing this and we are using the workaround for now.

  111. Nathan says:

    Wow, up to more than 700 votes now! This seems like a totally necessary feature. I imagine anyone selling a physical, monthly product needs this!

  112. Ramesh says:

    We have created a plugin for one-time payment option for a monthly subscription product. It is called WooCommerce Prepaid Subscription.

    I guess i am not allowed to add a link here. You can search for the plugin anyway 🙂

  113. Lukas says:

    I’ve seen lots of ideas here and all of them make sense, somehow, of course. But why not just do two changes to the plugin and solve all the problems? First a subscription should be completly independent from any product. It should be like a container and second renewal date and payment date should be seperated. So I can create a container with renewal date weekly every Wednesday and a payment date monthly every first Wednesday. And than I can add all available products to that container. This works for any scenario. If customer wants to switch date or interval, he must switch the ‘container’. Wouldnt that be great? And also, maybe the next five containers could always be visible for the customer in the backend, so he can easily skip one or add non-recurring additional pruducts that he only wants once to a certain delivery…

  114. Alex Baker says:

    In our case, we want to offer quarterly and annual payment plans for a product that ships on a rolling quarterly basis. For example, if you signed up in June, we’d ship your first order in June, then we’d ship a additional orders in September, then January, then April. The problem right now is if I signed up for Annual, only one order would be created (for June), but no order would be created until the following June. So ideally, we would be able to schedule order creation independently of the payment schedule.

  115. Anonymous says:

    I would like a one-time payment option for a lifetime subscription. Since my product is downloadable, there are no recurring costs, and the customer gets the satisfaction of knowing he will get updates for life. Using a sign-up fee with no recurring charge as a workaround doesn’t work. It removes the option of a free trial, and it still sends out reminder emails for $0.00.

    Yes, I could add yet another product, but then it won’t appear on the variable subscription drop down menu, and it doesn’t address the free trial issue.

  116. Anonymous says:

    I need a one payment and multiple posting option. Eg. paid for the product, and the product consist of 4 different postings, each postings are 2 weeks apart

  117. Anonymous says:

    Today there is an update, but again no solution for this. This one time payment for monthly subscriptions is very important in my shops. Selling physical goods (cheese) and also gifted subscriptions and every week there are the same questions “why can’t we pay all in one time?). We are working with table rate shipping plugin from markedplace. A one time payment with 3 time shipment must contain 3 times product and 3 times shipment costs. And with this option a subscription could paid with every payment gateway. The first order contain the full amount and the next orders are just zero.

    But – because there is still no solution – this feature is not possible to build with woocommerce subscriptions.

  118. Kate says:

    Really need to be able to charge every 4 weeks but deliver every week!!!

    This request is five years old, has nearly 800 votes when it was said 150 votes would get it attention and it’s STILL not available!!!

    We want this!!!

  119. Twan says:

    Hey! Has anyone looked at Woocommerce Pre-paid subscriptions plugin or Gifting for Woocommerce subscriptions? These might solve some of your challenges. Would love to hear your experience with these plugins

  120. Derher says:

    A few months ago (or more) they implemented pending cancellation that helped us for this issue

  121. Anonymous says:

    ‘@woocommerce, when is version 2.3 ready of WC subscriptions? In teh roadmap its been in active development for quite some time now and this will solve a lot of customers issues stated below as it will include a way to charge the full recurring payments for a synchronized subscription product at the time of sign-up

  122. Ramesh says:

    Just wanted to share a good news.

    WooCommerce Pre-paid / Upfront payment plugin now supports shipping cost, synchronised renewals.

    You can take the pre-paid period’s shipping cost along with the subscription cost. Example: If a customer pays 6 months upfront for a monthly subscription, you can take the 6 month’s shipping cost of the product as well.

    Similarly, if you use synchronised renewals, woocommerce does not charge when customer purchases in a different date. If you implement upfront payment, then the customer will be charged upfront. When his upfront / pre-paid period ends, he will be returned to the normal billing cycle (to the synchronised renewal date).

    Just google for “flycart woocommerce prepaid subscriptions”. I am not allowed to share a link here 😉

    Hope the plugin helps you.

  123. Edward says:

    Twan, I tried the gifting subscription plugin and it was not ready for prime time. There are many issues. Primarily, it does not update the shipping address when the recipient adds it. It also doesn’t let you know when a subscription is a regular subscription or a gifted one. You would have to manually check each order one by one. That said, I’m not sure why you think those plugins would be a good substitute for the issues of having payments and recurring orders processed separately.

  124. Sunny says:
  125. PKI says:

    We are selling a quarterly magazine with subscriptions for one year. The current implementation of the Subscriptions plugin simply doesn’t work for our use case.

    Please separate billing cyle from shipping cycle and let us generate an order for each shiping cycle.


  126. Joe says:

    Please allow a custom shipping schedule that is not dependent on the renewal. Adding all these customers manually without order details is a pain.

  127. DAVID N KRIDLER says:

    A one-time payment with a monthly (or perhaps even semi-monthly in the case of consumable products dependent on freshness) subscription is highly important. I sell freshly roasted coffee, if someone purchases an annual subscription, I can’t send them a year’s worth of coffee at once, as the product would deteriorate far too quickly.

    Please implement this solution as soon as possible!

  128. Cam Cecchini says:

    Bumping up this feature request!

  129. Levi says:

    but hope they add this

  130. Levi says:

    btw you can use subscription exporter in the meantime that way you get all active and pending cancellation subscriptions

  131. Anonymous says:

    This feature would be a real asset to my company.
    I sell my monthly box either monthly or 3,6 or 12 months prepaid.
    Having to renew the order at 0.00 each month is painful.
    Would be easier to just add a new shipment date and it automatically add a new number to the end of the subscription i.e #737.2 for box 2 and create a new order for it

  132. Anonymous says:

    This would be amazing! Trying to realise a discount on a yearly subscription with an upfront payment but monthly shipping… this one feature would simplify things so much!

  133. Adam Trickey says:

    We too could use this feature.

    For customers who pay annually for a monthly subscription product, it would be ideal if a monthly order could be auto-generated with a special status such as ‘prepaid’.

    Right now the orders are sent to ShipStation for fulfillment, but there’s not a means of generating the monthly shipping labels for those customer who pay annually.

  134. Adam Trickey says:

    We too could use this feature.

    For customers who pay annually for a monthly subscription product, it would be ideal if a monthly order could be auto-generated with a special status such as ‘prepaid’.

    Right now the orders are sent to ShipStation for fulfillment, but there’s not a means of generating the monthly shipping labels for those customer who pay annually.

  135. Anonymous says:

    We would love to have this option with the flexibility of picking your own shipment schedule from a one time upfront payment.

  136. Anonymous says:

    We not only need this option but also the ability to bill on a fixed day of the week and “ship” on a separate fixed day of the week. (We are a meal subscription program and have folks order a week in advance for deliveries the following week)

  137. Anonymous says:

    Yes, we need this option.

  138. Arnaud says:

    That would be fine as an option. If it could also work during the trial period it would be great. The billing and delivery options should be separated and the deliveries for a given period to be exported.

  139. Anonymous says:

    We need this option

  140. Tony says:

    Someone mentioned that they are temporarily renewing subscriptions at zero? How is this done? Do you just renew the subscription with the same official renewal date? For now I use spreadsheets and upload the customer orders to shipping software but that is a huge pain and would love easier ideas until the developers bring this feature.

  141. Anonymous says:

    Yes, we need this option.

  142. DJ Porter says:

    I need this bad. I operate a weekly home service and bill my customers monthly. I need to have a weekly service order generated for all active subscribers.

  143. JB says:

    Yes please, trying to manage 3500 subscribers without this is a pain.

  144. Christopher-James Sheppard says:

    Yes yes yes yes yes +10000000000 please please please, Im currenty trying to use Flycarts pre-paid plugin but it really doesn’t work very well but its my only option.

  145. Anonymous says:

    yes please

  146. Jessica says:

    please make sure when you do implement you give an option for pending-cancelation to continue shipments until subscription expiration. A lot of customer will purchase a pre-paid subscription then cancel right away just so they only get the pre-paid amount and doe not renew. But still need to get their recurring shipments for what they paid for.

  147. Tim says:


  148. Tatjana says:

    totally agree! We have that problem at the moment! We have to cheat by adding a sign up fee and then charging them a recurring fee from the second month onwards, but the problem is that you can’t charge for shipping fee at the sing up stage.
    Super annoying! Can’t wait for them to fix this problem!

  149. Morgan says:

    Came across a plugin called Schedule delivery for WooCommerce by Themehigh where user can plan the product delivery.

    Helpful for shop owners who have regular customers who can plan their purchase.

  150. Ramesh Elamathi says:


    The problem can be solved better by separating the billing cycle from shipping cycle. Because most subscription businesses would charge annually, while shipping the products on a monthly basis.

    So we are working on a “Custom Delivery Schedule plugin for WooCommerce subscriptions”. The plugin can help you separate the billing & shipping cycles. So your subscription product price can be set to charge every year (or any other cycle), while the delivery can be monthly (or any other cycle). Even you can let the customer to choose a delivery cycle.

    The plugin is almost complete.

    If you have any feedback or feature suggestions, do let me know. We are planning to submit this to the WooCommerce extensions section soon.

  151. Geoff Ross says:

    this would be extremely useful

  152. nana he says:

    yes!!! 1 year or 6 months

  153. Admin says:

    yes, this would be amazing to be able to have separate shipping and billing cycles.

  154. Anonymous says:

    Can you please supply an update on this from July last year?
    “So we are working on a “Custom Delivery Schedule plugin for WooCommerce subscriptions”. The plugin can help you separate the billing & shipping cycles. So your subscription product price can be set to charge every year (or any other cycle), while the delivery can be monthly (or any other cycle).”

  155. Congruent Dev says:
  156. Jan D says:

    I could really do with this, I just want my customers to have the option to pay in full or by installments, so this would work a treat, but I’m finding it hard to set up the simple and variable subscriptions at the same time….

  157. PatrickT says:

    I’m currently setting up a woocommerce website for a paper magazine with 2 subscription options delivered quaterly: 6 magazines (18 months) or 12 magazines (3 years) subscriptions.
    Reading the different comments here and the documentation, I understand that will be quite difficult to set up.
    Could you suggest a way to set up this?

  158. Anonymous says:

    almost a year now and still this standard option is unavailable. Does anyone have any other Subscriptions solutions as we are now losing money due to using the sign-up fee option and need to move away from this basic plugin. The automate woo option doesn’t work with variable subscription products.

  159. Alan says:

    I need this to manage a quarterly magazine.

  160. Alan says:


  161. Anonymous says:

    Would love to see this, please WooCommerce, make this happen!

  162. Oliver says:


  163. Christina Brady says:

    I have a product i wish to ship quarterly on set months April, July, Oct, Jan but a customer may sign up in March leading to their next payment being June with the shipping in July. It would be great to synchronise these so if a customer signs up midway it automatically takes to payment to the shipping month next scheduled.

  164. Laurence says:

    My client offers a monthly subscription, but allows add-ons that affect a weekly delivery schedule.

  165. Todd says:

    How has this not been added yet??? This thread is from 2013. Insane. Almost all Subscription companies would use this

  166. Anonymous says:

    Yes I agree. This needs to be an option as 99% of subscription companies offer this and will help run efficiently.

  167. Alberto Contreras says:

    is this getting added or what?

  168. Anonymous says:

    This is exactly what we need. Customers buy a subscription committing them to 3 months, we take the money upfront but want to ship three times on the first of each month. Then when it renews this begins again.

  169. clemens says:

    EXACTLY!!! How has this not been added yet??? This thread is from 2013. Insane. Almost all Subscription companies would use this

  170. Anonymous says:

    Yes, I was thinking the same. It would be great to have this option in the subscription plug-in. Basically, It depends functions are running manual or automated.


    Regards, Anujjindal.in

  171. Caio Pereira Lobato says:

    For customers, it is a win situation – less fuzz about constantly managing payments. They might also have acess to discounts, since they are upfronting the money for several orders at once.
    For companies, it is great also – we have an advancement of income, sometimes months ahead of actually shipping products. It does wonders for cash flow

  172. Asif choudry says:

    agreed with your ideas. definitely deserve a vote.

  173. Anonymous says:

    Seriously.. this is more important than many other things you are currently working on. Please consider implementing this in 2021. Thanks!

  174. Thomas says:

    7 years for this idea and nothing happened? :O

  175. sam says:

    What is exactly the problem here? You guys mentoined in a lot of docs that this is a “very popular” feature request but after 7 years still no proper solution. Why?

  176. James Pickles says:

    I have this issue now and I am unable to do a project on WordPress due to this lack of functionality. It’s a must have feature for subscriptions. You are losing out a several hundreds of dollars from me alone.

  177. Jon says:

    This can be accomplished using AutomateWoo

  178. Anonymous says:

    Is there any chance of this happening? Is there anything with more votes not developed? If not why is this not your top priority?

  179. Anonymous says:

    I need it too. Thanks

  180. Damon Randall says:

    This is essential to this product!!!!!! Please, when will this be ready?

  181. Anonymous says:

    Is there any way to split the recurrent subcription in 2, and therefore charge every month while delivering product each 2 months?

  182. Duncan Kendrick says:

    Please add this feature, just had to use AutomateWoo to create a hacky workaround

  183. Prepaid Subscriptions says:

    In case you are looking to solve your problem with Subscriptions, you can take a look at the new plugin – Prepaid for WooCommerce Subscriptions.
    It would help you ship products on a different schedule to the recurring payments. And it’s on the official Woo marketplace:


  184. Prepaid Subscriptions says:

    ‘Prepaid for WooCommerce Subscriptions just got an update, so now you can not only offer additional prepaid options but separate the shipping cycle from billing as well. There are two methods of selling prepaid plans:
    – Offer prepaid options in addition to regular subscriptions. E.g., pay for one or two years and get a monthly delivery or pay every month as usual.
    – Offer ONLY prepaid options and ship on a different schedule. E.g., pay upfront for three or six months and get weekly shipping without the option to pay every week.

    Check it out:

  185. Simon Gondeck says:

    Here is a tutorial that shows how to set up a subscription that ships on a different schedule: https://youtu.be/AYistm0IB8c.

    The tutorial goes over how to bill for a subscription product yearly ($120/year) but still ship monthly. This logic can be applied on a bunch of different scenarios.

    Disclaimer: I am the one who created the tutorial 🙂

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  210. Alternity Marketing says:

    Definitely need this. I have a client that has a monthly pdf magazine, and so far setting it up through WooCommerce has been a bit of a nightmare. All we need is to be able to have the new issue available to all subscribers each month on release, without all previous issues that were part of the sub being available to new subscribers too. I can’t do that with Woo Subscriptions or even AutomateWoo it seems, which is shocking as this is one of the most common and basic setups for an ongoing subscription. I just need to be able to change the associated PDF each month without either removing the past issues from all existing subscribers accounts and without giving new subscribers access to all previous months issues.

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  213. Simon Gondeck says:

    Here is a video tutorial I created that shows how to set up a subscription that ships on a different schedule: https://youtu.be/AYistm0IB8c.

    The tutorial goes over how to bill for a subscription product yearly ($120/year) but still ship monthly. This logic can be applied to a bunch of different scenarios.

    Disclaimer: I am the one who created the tutorial 🙂

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    The tutorial goes over how to bill for a subscription product yearly ($120/year) but still ship monthly. This logic can be applied to a bunch of different scenarios.

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  229. Meow Crew says:

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  230. Brian Simpson says:

    I hope this will happen soon. I’d like to be able to bill customers a monthly subscription fee but ship the goods quarterly. This helps the customer spread the cost of the sub and reduces the shipping cost and carbon footprint. Also, there will need to be a way to differentiate whether the order is a new subscription customer, a monthly recurring sub/fee collection, or a quarterly physical order that needs to be dispatched.
    We run this on a spreadsheet atm but as we grow this will become unmanageable.

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