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Back In Stock Notifications

by  Woo
Notify customers when your products are restocked.

Support for WPML

The plugin doesn’t support WPML.

When a customer subscribes in a different language (not the main site language), nothing will be send to customers when back in stock.

WPML creates different products for the sub-languages. SO when site language is English en a customer subscribes, the plugin send a notification when back in stock.

When the customer uses a sub-language (like Dutch), the subscribtion will be attached to the product in Dutch (and not the main product, English).

So it’s hard to manage and no notifications are send for the sub-languages.

The product in the list of subribers should be in the language of the user that is logged in. Subscriptions should be done to the main product (the English on in this case).




Current Status


Last updated: June 19, 2023


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