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by  Woo
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Sync to multiple locations OR don’t update location data during sync

In my Sqaure database I have the Location for all of my Items set to “All Locations”. Woo is my system of record. Every time the Square for WooCommerce does a sync it is resetting the Location setting for my Square Items to a single location instead of “All Locations” which is where I need it to be. When this happens, my staff using Square at different locations can no longer see those Items.

Please allow syncing to multiple locations. OR, allow for an option to NOT modify the Square Location setting of Items.

Syncing the same inventory to ALL locations is desirable since all of our locations work from the same master inventory which is our WooCommerce inventory.

But in absence of that, please make it stop updating the location field of Square Items.



Current Status


Last updated: October 31, 2023

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  1. Paul says:

    Would love to see a solution for this! We have had this issues ongoing for the past few months, albeit inconsistently. It happens randomly only with some products, but it happens several times a day.