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Google Listings & Ads for WooCommerce

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Table Rate Shipping Sync Improvement

I have been back and forth with support on Woocommerce and Google to figure out why my Woocommerce Table Rate Shipping data is not syncing with the Google Merchant Center. Woocommerce support told me to come here and ask for a feature request.

I have advanced shipping options for my specific categories of products.
T-shirts: Flat rate $3.99 for one +$1.25 each additional t-shirt
Hoodies: Flat rate $6.50 for one +$2.00 each additional hoodie

The Google Listings & Ads plugin does not sync this information and causes missing shipping value errors on Google Merchant Center.

If you say your plugin “integrates with Google Merchant Center to upload relevant store and product data to Google. Your products will sync automatically to make the information available for free listings, Google Ads, and other Google services,” then, you need to include advanced shipping options, including your own table rate shipping plugin.

Shipping is a tricky subject for many small businesses. Not everyone has free shipping or a simple flat rate. This is why you have the Wocommerce Table Rate Shipping plugin, to begin with. The Woocommerce Google Listings & Ads plugin needs to include this feature. And this needs to be addressed ASAP.


Current Status


Last updated: June 17, 2021


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  1. paulcreatordigitalcomau says:

    This feature is still not working? I thought we were living in the future where AI is taking over… nope… we cant even sync advanced shipping from one platform to another haha

    I too am surprised more people are not encountering this issue…

  2. Anonymous says:

    This is the very first issue I ran into and all my items are Disapproved with the error “Missing value [shipping]”. We use Shipping Classes for determining shipping cost as it varies based on the type of item.

    And we are not even using a separate Table Rate Shipping plugin. We are using WooCommerce’s built-in table rate shipping functionality.

    I am surprised more people are not encountering this issue.