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Chained Products

Easily create pre-configured, full-priced or discounted WooCommerce product bundles, giveaways, buy one get one, force sells, composites, product kits, mix and match products, combo offers, or packages. When someone buys a “main” product, they receive all the “chained” products automatically.

The ability to remove Chained products at cart

These day companies need to be seen as environmentally friendly. So when a free chained product is displayed as a line item, the customer can elect to remove this item if they choose so.

An example of this scenario would be when the chained item was more gesture-based like a tote bag or small gift. The custom may already have one of these items and may want to decrease the qty or remove as they are environmentally conscious with the gifted item.

Most common cases would be when you have a high frequency of repeat sales and they may have already been gifted this item.



Current Status


Last updated: February 9, 2021


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