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The coupon amount (store credit ) should only be applied to Product Price, and not Tax and Shipping.

The store credit, represented by the coupon amount, should exclusively apply to the Product Price and should not affect the Tax and Shipping costs. Presently, if the coupon amount surpasses the total cart value, the Tax and Shipping costs are being disregarded, causing the price to be reduced to $0. This behavior is not desired.

Additionally, the Tax amount should remain unaltered after applying the coupon. Currently, the tax is calculated based on the discounted price, whereas it should ideally be calculated based on the original price (the amount before the discount) to ensure the tax remains consistent.




Current Status


Last updated: July 31, 2023


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  1. oystesan says:

    The coupon amount can be used to pay for the tax and shipping etc. – but woocommerce need to register this as a payment and not deduct the price of the order, because we need to show and book the tax amount on an order paid for by gift cards, and the current functionality leaves us with what is in fact illegal bookkeeping within the EU/Nordics.

  2. sdmakeupwoocommerce says:

    Voting that, but the store credit should be usable to pay for tax and shipping costs also