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To allow generating digital or paper membership card

We have 4 levels of membership, which pays membership fee monthly. In addition to doing ecommerce, they can come to our center to attend different classes. The 4 levels of membership entitles to different discounts to different classes. We want to generate digital or paper membership card ( maybe with QR code ) so that they can show it to our Front Desk and enjoy classes that they are entitled to, Thank you!


Current Status


Last updated: February 11, 2022


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  1. lith1974 says:


  2. doliork says:

    Introducing digital or paper membership cards with QR codes is a great idea to streamline the process and enhance the member experience. It is more convenient for members to present their card at the Reception Desk and participate in the classes that a small world cup enjoys. QR codes can provide quick and easy verification, ensuring a smooth and efficient registration process. This not only saves time but also adds a modern touch to your membership system.

  3. bhsyzww says:

    Has anyone found a solution for this? Custom plugin? I’m in need of this as well.

  4. sponger says:

    I am looking into writing this feature, which will also integrate with this plugin. QR code is no problem but to push to a digital wallet you need certain access levels to Apple and Google to be able to do this through APIs. This is outside the scope of WooCommerce and WordPress.

  5. bmswarehousegym says:

    We also require this feature to monitor membership status.

  6. elzilda says:

    Where is Woo with this solution? Is is really ridiculous the Woo membership does not have a digital card. Plse urgently advise on this status.

  7. bednarmultimedia says:

    My client is requesting this feature as well. I was surprised to find that this is not already a feature, or at least have some way that the member could print something showing their membership status.

  8. bradhogan929 says:

    @adminatbq did you ever sort this out with a custom solution? if so, any way you’d share that? would be willing to pitch in if it works.

  9. nicomeeus says:

    I hope it will soon be available, it’s a must for me

  10. adminatbq says:

    It is annoying that there is no membership card available
    We now have to have this feature developed on our budget: about 4-5 hours of development
    Even an old video club has a membership card…..
    This would benefit to all Woocommerce customers
    Sad and poor business approch from a multinational company

  11. dimensionsfoundation says:

    This is a key feature for us. It would need to include our company name, membership name, customer name, membership id, and expiration date.

  12. Raymond says:

    Are there any other plug-ins or outside products that I can use in conjunction with Woo Membership and Subscription to generate Membership Card?