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Update “Membership Visibility” options for new Elementor Flexbox Containers.

Elementor is replacing the “Section” widget with a Flexbox “Container”. WooCommerce Membership integration works with the Elementor “Section” providing membership visibility settings for the section. However, when these “sections” are converted to the new “containers”, the membership visibility settings disappear and no longer provide any protection.



Current Status


Last updated: January 8, 2024


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  1. USM Tech says:

    I agree with Rudolf. This is an existing feature that became outdated. Please fix.

  2. dellalibera says:

    Please fix elementor compatibility

  3. dellalibera says:

    Let’s vote, we need the feature to work again. There are other users suffering from this, see here too:

  4. Rudolf says:

    This should not be something we have to vote for! This has been reported as a bug many times and is still not fixed.