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WooCommerce Shipping

by  Woo
Print USPS and DHL labels right from your WooCommerce dashboard and instantly save on shipping. WooCommerce Shipping is free to use and saves you time and money.

UPS and FedEx integration with WooCommerce Shipping

I am trying to use WooCommerce Shipping, but it only uses USPS and DHL… it is very dissapointing that it doesn’t include major carriers like UPS or FedEx like shopify.

are you guys ever going to integrate it for one click “create shipping label” ?



Current Status


Last updated: August 17, 2023

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  1. aibshop says:

    I am hoping to get this integration as well. USPS is good for local shipping but UPS is better for outside of the state. It takes time to open UPS and re-input all the info already in Woo and I am not big enough yet to pay Shipstation or for an account.