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Pinterest for WooCommerce

by  Woo
Get your products in front of Pinterest users searching for ideas and things to buy. Connect your WooCommerce store to make your entire catalog browsable.

Use same Google Product Category data as the official `Facebook for WooCommerce` plugin

The official `Facebook for WooCommerce` plugin also uses Google Product Categories, it even adds an UI to assign those Google Product Categories to WooCommerce Product Categories (including inheritance). But it uses a different meta data key than this official `Pinterest for WooCommerce` plugin – hence the Google Product Categories have to be separately set twice, once for each of these plugins.

It would be much easier, faster and less error-prone to let both plugins use the same meta data for the Google Product Category.

Related GitHub issue (closed in favor of this idea):


Current Status


Last updated: March 29, 2022


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  2. strarsis says:

    Also the Google Product Category for Pinterest currently has to be assigned to each individual product (there is no bulk option, at least none I am aware of).