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Measurement Price Calculator

Add a calculator to your product pages to calculate product quantity required or overall price by square footage and more.

Use standard dimension meta fields

Shipping (and other) plugins rely on standard Length, Height and Width meta fields. But Measurement Price Calculator doesn’t actually use these fields. It seems to use alternative, bespoke fields which shipping etc. plugins won’t recognise.

Can’t Measurement Price Calculator use the standard fields? It would increase compatibility with other plugins.

My own reason for asking is that I need my shipping price calculator to charge extra for products over a certain area. I could do it if the Measurement Price Calculator provided area, or just length and width, but in fact it doesn’t (oddly).

Thank you!



Current Status


Last updated: January 31, 2023

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  1. clearlink22 says:

    MPC does actually use the standard Dimension meta for product length and width (I haven’t tried with Volume based products so can’t comment on height). It depends which calculator you’re using however and how you have configured the data. If you override the product with a total area, it will always use that instead of the dimensions.