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Product Designer for WooCommerce by KILB

by  Kilb
Product Designer for WooCommerce by KILB allows customers to create personalized designs for a variety of products including shirts, posters, banners, cups & mugs, and more, giving them a unique shopping experience.

“Variable product designer”

It would be very useful if, having variable products with different prices in the various options, the price is calculated automatically. For example, if I have 3 options, $10 – $20 – $30 and, for each option I would like the price to increase and therefore for example $10+design $5 = $15, $20+design $10 = $30, etc. without having to create a product design page for each design option and price. Having the ability to only put a single price on the product designer is very limiting. There should be the option to choose as if it were a variable product or for the code to recognize the variable price and act accordingly. I take this opportunity to report a bug that does not allow you to open the media library or even upload new images. I have version 2.3.0 and WordPress+Woocommerce updated to their latest versions. Thank you!



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Last updated: December 13, 2023

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  1. Christian Kilb says:
    Product Developer December 15, 2023 9:40 pm


    you can assign your configurations to specific variants. So, first create a product with 3 variants in WooCommerce. Now create a designer configuration, set it up the way you need, and assign it to your first variant. Now duplicate the configuration for variant 2 and 3. Then, simply adjust the surcharge prices for each variant’s configuration.
    It’s true, that you may have to create a lot of configurations. That’s why there’s is the import / export functionality. You can export your configurations, modify them in your spreadsheet editor, and upload them again.

    Regarding the bug you mentioned, there is no specific upload functionality provided by the designer. This is WordPress default functionality. If you are not able to upload images, it’s most likely not an issue on the designer side. But if you are actually able to upload images but you can’t assign them to your configurations for some reason, please let me know ( Please provide your credentials and URL to /wp-admin, too. Thank you.