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Variable Ticketing and Box Office

Currently, ticketing in box office allows you to create variable products but the variation selections are flawed and unusable. To purchase two variations one has to visit two products or order screens – the process cannot be done on one page.

The ideal and most friendly from a usability standpoint would be to allow the variable(s) to be added in the same spot and then allow drop down for ticket information (like name, email, shirt size, ticket location selection, etc) to be entered there or on the checkout screen.

Other shops do this and allow for entering variations in one page or on one ticket area – for example eventbrite. Here’s an example of a more usable variable ticket checkout process with area for multi-selection of variables in one spot –


Current Status


Last updated: April 1, 2024


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  1. Jeffrey says:

    This is EXTREMELY critical for functionality. I run a museum that has special events. A special guest docent might come and contractually agree to lead 5 tours of 30 people each. I can setup a “variable” ticket product to handle the 5 different tours where each purchaser selects the tour times, but the purchaser gets no feedback via email or receipt review about which tour they signed up for. Give us a ticket field we can put into receipts and the ticket emails for “variation”!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Ash Bullman says:

    This would be an amazing feature, to be able to have a variable product, like training courses with multiple dates which one can be selected for all ticket holders. (At the moment, I have added the date as a drop list to the ticket fields, but this means the choice has to be made for every ticket holder.) And normal product variation data can’t be added to the ticket emails or printing.

  3. Craig Grella says:

    Yes! This is exactly what this extension needs.
    This could be used for ticket types to separate things like general ticket/vip ticket, etc.
    I can be used for things that separate adult/child tickets.
    Essentially anything where that variation designation requires different pricing.
    Because now, as original commenter suggests, variations require a second purchase.
    it would make this extension the more useful cousin of a real ticketing system.