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Cost of Goods

Easily track profit by including your cost of goods in your orders and reports.

Varied Costs on Cost of Good Extension

Your Cost of Goods plugin should allow for fluctuations in production costs. My product will become cheaper to produce the more popular it becomes, as I’ll be able to order greater quantities, and as of now I can’t use the extension because it won’t account for the varying cost of production. For example: From July 2017 until January 2018 it will cost me $32 to produce each product. Once my current stock sells out, I’ll order more for $29 each product. So I’d need July17-Jan18 to show a product cost of $32, while I’ll need February18-May 18 to show a product cost of $29 for the exact same product. The reporting would need to reflect these variations in production cost as well.


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Last updated: August 15, 2017

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  1. Larissa Gregory says:

    Didnt see this before posting mine – – looks like we are after the same thing