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WooCommerce Bookings – Variable Product

Our client runs hundreds of courses, across more than 20 locations. I’ve had to set up the same course for every venue. It would be great to have a variable product option, so that a single product could have for instance, a location parameter, which would allow different availability, costs and persons values.


Current Status


Last updated: June 26, 2014


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  1. Sarah Nuts4Climbing says:

    I am looking to make a product variable – I offer rock climbing classes and would like to offer different durations to different types of classes. Any updates on this ?

  2. technikkursewoo says:

    For me it would be very important to sell 1:1 courses live and online

  3. sumbaideethai says:

    naimah, you can set up variable price for several persons with a price range depending on person count.
    I agree the feature would be usefull !

  4. Nilay says:

    If anyone want an alternate solution, you could set them up as “Resources” and have separate costs for each of the resource.

    You can find more details about the resources here:

    This is not ideal solution. but would work in some cases for time being.

  5. Anonymous says:

    I’d like this too. I also sell hundreds of courses and it’s tricky managing the backend when you have to have multiple of the same products for different locations.

  6. Р. Р. says:

    Please add this feature! It is sorely lacking. I need to rent a car for a few hours, but the client has to choose not only the number of hours of rental, but also specify the distance the car will travel. So the calculation will be based on the rate per hour and the rate per mile.

  7. michele rallo says:

    who built wcbooking has never talked to a hotel owner, the only way to set different prices for different rooms is create rooms as product: resullts: in category page i’ve got several rooms instead of the hotels
    In few words best way to build a conversion ZERO website. user have to change 3/4/5 pages to book
    Woocommerce wake up!

  8. Mehul says:

    This is a very important feature lot of us are looking forward to. Please add this as soon as possible. Also, if anybody has any workaround please share.

  9. Edgar says:

    Been waiting for this but it seems the developer doesn’t have the plan to add it.

  10. Anonymous says:

    Such price.. so basic. Can’t even do variable products. And you keep charging for every simple plugin. One day there will be one who beats u flat.

  11. Anonymous says:

    Please do this feature.

  12. Anonymous says:

    About to put my hand up for the thirty day money back guarantee.

  13. Marianne says:

    I also totally agree, adding a variable product feature to the bookings plugin would be a game changer for me. I rent wedding accessories and I have the same style in different colours and sizes. One of my competitors who uses shopify was able to set up variables for her bookings, so it’s really unfortunate that I can’t do the same with woo.

  14. Anonymous says:

    You can do this using resources – 1 product linked with a resource for each location. The missing feature is the stock/quantity control if it varies on different dates for the same resource.

  15. Cinta Graves says:

    I’d like to see this happening too. My client hires dresses and while there may be one style there are many sizes and colours.

  16. Juha says:

    Its also very important if rent products…

  17. naimah says:

    i also totally agree. the function for woocommerce booking is very light..
    i want the customer can have multiple price for person also. which means, if they choose 1-2 person, price will different then 3 to above person.

    hope woocommerce booking can have this function. so hard and disappoint with the plugin. price for this plugin is very expensive. but then the function is very light.

  18. Anonymous says:

    I totally agree. Integration with My Calendar plugin would be amazing as it’s so flexible. I would also like to see the ability to set different dates and times for each instance of the event as in some cases they can differ for the same product.