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WooCommerce Memberships: Members only coupons

This would add additional perks to WooCommerce Memberships besides purchasing discounts for members, such as member coupons.

This could allow shop owners to restrict usage for a particular coupon to members only.

Current Status


Last updated: August 15, 2022


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  1. Ferenc says:

    I need this now!! please help

  2. Anonymous says:

    please add soon

  3. Nathan Pinno says:

    How about hiding ads for certain memberships?

  4. Kasper says:

    I really need the option to restrict coupons per membership. Maybe better to put it into Smart Coupons by StoreApps.

  5. copm says:

    Most important perks would be free shipping or restricted shipping methods to members.

    Please add this soooon!

  6. Kelli says:

    I really need this! I thought this plugin did this when I bought it but was sorely disappointed to find out it doesn’t so I’d really appreciate if this was done asap!

  7. Katie says:

    I really need this as well – free shipping for members please!

  8. Michael Ting says:

    Really need free shipping for members.

    I’m waiting for that function to be added before purchasing the plugin. Hopefully it can be added soon so we don’t have to try plugins from other developers.

    Thank you

  9. Anonymous says:

    This would really expand the usefulness of this plug-in. I assumed it had this feature when I made the purchase!!!

  10. Donna Schwenk says:

    Free shipping for active members please! Are there any updates from woo about this feature?

  11. Brian Marshall says:

    Free Shipping….I have already offered this as a membership perk and I need an easier way to implement it…

  12. Lashan Wanigatunga says:

    Would be great if this can be prioritized. A bit surprised this was was not already included. I am already offering this to members but the method I am using is manual and has loopholes.

  13. Rebekah Nemethy says:

    Glad I saw this… thought this was already available. I will buy the extension once free shipping can be offered to members AND there is member automation based on purchase amount. No use spending $150 if I’ll still have to use coupon codes and manually check on my customers’ progress. I was interested in this product simply as a reward system for my VIP clients, so I’m glad you have plans to make it happen.

  14. anonymous says:

    Free shipping for members, please!

  15. John Hallahan says:

    Free shipping for members!

  16. anonymous says:

    All of these would be great but the best one would be FREE SHIPPING for members

  17. anonymous says:

    Implement always activate FREE SHIPPING for members first please. Perhaps add the new free shipping method and have a box there to restrict to certain membership plans. It’s nearing two years since the author shared this idea. Why no updates from SkyVerge?

  18. Hien Quoc says:

    Yes Free Shipping to Members, I’m trying to copy Amazon Prime but not really 2 day but just free shipping for 1 year membership of $99

  19. Adam says:

    Free shipping for members!!

  20. Two Guys with Balls says:

    Can this be prioritized? This seems to be a big gap in this plugin.

  21. Marshall Greer says:

    Free shipping for members!

  22. anonymous says:

    Where are we on free shipping for members? It looks like everybody here is saying basically the same thing. Shouldn’t this have been built already?

  23. anonymous says:

    Free shipping for members is definitely something that is really missing. Surprised it doesn’t exist already.

    Part of the reason why I wanted to have the combined WC bundle was so that things would interact well together.

  24. Revere's Riders Webmaster says:

    Having coupons that are restricted to a particular membership would be useful for our site. +1

  25. Tiffany says:

    Hi, I own a theatre and am looking at this as a solution for our memberships. However, it lacks the ability to track the number of products or perks claimed by the member.

    i.e.: Customer buys a yearly membership which entitles then to entry to 10 shows per year plus other perks.

    Customer needs to check in to the event (but they’ve already paid for the yearly membership) SO they get in for free, but we need to check that in to keep a record.

    This would make the plugin very powerful indeed as many memberships will have a number limit on the perks that they can claim.

  26. Jean says:

    Totally essential !

    I need discount on my shipping method when you member

  27. Luke Cavanagh says:
  28. SkyVerge says:

    ‘Hey all! We tried to get member free shipping in v1.9, but we were blocked by the shipping filters in WooCommerce core. We had a PR get merged into WC 3.2 that makes this possible, so we have it milestoned for version 1.10!

    Thanks again for the feedback, I appreciate y’all letting us know which perks you’re looking for <3

  29. Robert Skinner says:

    Awesome! This is just what we needed at the exact time we need it. Do you have a date for the 1.10 release?

  30. SkyVerge says:

    ‘@Robert likely will be starting off Q1 — we try not to do any major releases during the holiday season, but we’ll be working on it through the next couple months.

  31. Greg Howlett says:

    Just curious as to the timeframe for 1.1? Still on track for Q1?

  32. Toby Vacher says:

    At the moment, the only way to restrict coupon usage to “members” is to install 3 separate plugins: groups, groups for woocommerce, and group coupons.

    The ability to make a coupon “member-only” and have the coupon appear on the my-account/coupons page for all members in that group/membership seems like a small task but a huge win for the plugin and its users.

  33. Chris Davis says:

    Restrict certain shipping methods to members only is still an important requirement.
    Free shipping can be added but different delivery rates for different members is not possible.
    It would be a massive tool for businesses with memberships offering different delivery options.
    Free shipping option alone is not enough for a lot of cases.

  34. Anonymous says:

    ‘+1 for the ability to create a coupon code and limit it for use by specific membership levels (as defined by the WM memberships plugin)!

  35. Pmfias save says:

    This is such an important feature. Member discounts are not flexible enough. Usual Woocommerce Coupons that can be restricted based on Membership Levels would an incredible feature.

  36. Manju Sindh says:

    “Restrict usage for a particular coupon to members only” will be helpful in running effective marketing campaigns and reduce the churn rate. A big Like if you could add this feature.

  37. Gael Wood MSS says:

    I concur. This would be a great feature, and I would be happy if it simply was an option in the coupon restriction settings. The added bells and whistles of displaying it in the member account area not necessary to make me happy! 🙂

  38. Adnan says:

    Still no improvement on this… :/ and Godaddy acquire, there would be more delay..

  39. Jackson Smith says:

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