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Woocommerce Table Rate Shipping import/export function

I’d love to see an import/export function in “Woocommerce Table Rate Shipping”.
It is very useful for developers. Sometimes, we have to fill hundreds of shipping prices.
With an export/import function, i could easily copy my configuration from a site to another one.

Current Status


Last updated: November 14, 2013


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  1. Arvind says:

    This is really required, we have around 10,000 Value and this could not be done manually.

  2. Marius Lombaard says:

    oh yeah, lets eliminate manual legwork… upload a csv file and tadahhh!

  3. Kiwimana says:

    This would be great to be able to do this

  4. Anonymous says:

    Yep, I would kill for this.

  5. Phasinee says:

    This is really necessary given the complexity of zoning and shipping rates. For instance if you offer three shipping methods where the shipping company or post zones are not consistent for a country you have to enter a table multiple times for each scenario. For instance in Thailand there are only three air mail zones but there are 15 Express Mail Zones. So if a country is in regular air mail zone 2 along with 50 other countries – the other countries in regular zone 2 may span 9 Express mail zones. That means the same table for regular Zoe 2 has to be entered 9 different times. Better still would bve to allow rate tables to be used across zones. A customer can only be in one zone so you are forced to make as many zones as your most complex shipping method, which is fine, but then you have to enter the easier zone rate tables under each individual zone – not efficient

  6. Aernout Zevenbergen says:

    Has this been added?

  7. Byron says:

    Yeap, totally need this! really handy feature.

  8. Dimitri says:

    Add an import/export function to replicate configuration in multiple sites

  9. Anonymous says:

    this. please!

  10. Dimitri says:

    To export and reimport, simply export and reimport those tables:


  11. Grady says:

    This would be amazing. I deal with winery clients that have complex shipping setups based on the fulfillment they use. The nice thing is there are only a couple of fulfillment options so I can copy all of the table rate shipping setup from one to the other. Import/export would save a huge amount of time.

  12. Dan Green says:

    I agree

  13. Anonymous says:

    Entering and/or changing table rates is so time consuming for my clients! An importer would be great.

  14. Anonymous says:

    i copy every comment to add this feature

  15. Jay says:

    ‘@ Dimitri ,thanks so much, your sql guide worked like a charm and saved me hours,thanks mate!

  16. JOHN KIM says:

    Is there still an import function?

  17. Anish says:

    Or AT LEAST duplicate a zone or table. This is crazy!!!

  18. Tracey says:

    PLEASE give us import / export! Entering all this manually is beyond ridiculous. And then to have to edit every one again when prices change? Surely there’s a solution! Especially given the cost of the plugin.

  19. Simon Kelly says:

    I’m keen on this too. Mostly to have as a backup as on one of my sites the settings seem to keep getting reset after an update, so it takes at least 2 hours to reconfigure the settings. Booo.

  20. Simon Harper says:

    I agree, with 128 votes + so far, an import/export and duplicate feature is needed. Manually entry in some cases is not efficient or practical.

  21. Rees says:

    I’m inclined to agree with comments below about the price we pay for TRS. It’s premium and there should and import/export.

    Yes, I can export the SQL data but my client can’t in case he needs to be able to reinstate tables.

    I’ve experienced “pickled” TRS after updates which is frustrating because customers find it rather than the developer.

    Now we have Shipping Zones coming in Woo 2.6 I’m somewhat nervous about my days and days of work being destroyed in one fell swoop after update!

    So, yes, a bit vote up for this.

  22. Dimitris says:

    I tried the db table export and import from my staging to my production site and it didn’t fully work. In particular, when editing the table rates for a particular shipping method the Shipping Classes in the dropdown menus have all been set to Any Class instead of the specific class corresponding to each line in the table. Any ideas why this happened?

  23. Kevin says:

    Hard to believe this had never been addressed in all the votes this has been getting over 4 years now.

  24. Anonymous says:

    Really neeeded, how can they charge top dollar for a plugin that requires so much manual work, c’mon guys.

  25. Rees says:

    Yes, we can export sql tables but how many “real clients” are able to do that – they work on TRS as well? It’s a useful idea and we keep multiple backups so we always have the shipping tables but a quick export/import feature would be so much better!

  26. Anonymous says:

    Any feedback on whether this is likely to happen? We are doing weekly freight costing report and would love being able to export, make any changes required and import.

  27. Luca says:

    Import/export feature should be basic…like wheels are for the cars.

  28. joesat says:

    Hi guys.

    I created a simple plugin for this task –

    You can import AND export shipping zone and table rate shipping data with this plugin.

    I don’t have the premium plugin and just based the import/export logic from Dimitri’s post regarding the 4 tables needed to be imported/exported. Let me know what you guys think and and feedback is very much appreciated.

  29. Anonymous says:

    This would be great!

  30. Dutch says:

    I would also like to see this for the Flat Rate Boxes shipping plugin. Actually for everything that you manually have to enter/configure in the Shipping tab of Woocommerce.

  31. anonymous says:

    This is defiitely much needed. Also to be able to duplicate table rate shipping from one zone to another!

  32. anonymous says:

    Cannot believe such a simple request is still not fulfilled.

  33. Dave says:

    I want this too! Please!

  34. Vlan Zoi says:

    Export globally shipping zone settings and reimport them into an other website ? Definitely a must-have

  35. Carlo says:

    Yes, please include it in the plugin!

  36. anonymous says:

    Yes, please.

  37. giacomo says:

    good idea

  38. Alexander Day says:

    any progress/ response?

  39. gaurav says:

    i m struggling from this task i have to integrate table rate shipping method in Woocommerce RestAPI is it any blog or any one can show me the way how can integrate Tablerate shipping method in rest api . So that my invoice generate correct according to the shipping tax class

  40. anonymous says:

    Ill implement this now. so sick of this missing feature

  41. Craig says:

    Would be great to have the ability to export and import shipping rates to csv.
    Any progress ?

  42. Kristian Yates says:

    Looks like the import/export shipping method links have been added, but whenever I try to export, I just get a red “error” message in the middle of the screen. Does anyone know the CSV format so I can make one manually?

  43. Anonymous says:

    I read that the import function has been added to the plugin, but I just purchased the table Rate shipping plugin and can’t find any option to import. HOW is it done?

  44. Aaron says:

    This is stupid to have such a plugin that is dependent on data to have to manually enter and not be able export data from it. it should be in the base of the plugin to be able to import and export data

  45. Mitchie Mapili says:

    Any progress on the csv import and export of shipping rates?

  46. ndr├ę says:

    Yes that would be definitly in

  47. Heath says:

    I second that idea!

  48. Mike says:

    This is such an absurdly basic requirement – I wan’t my $99 bucks back until this is added.
    SOO dumb that it’s not part of the core plugin from the very beginning.
    7 years on, no action. Maybe in another 7 years hey WC? Just keep taking peoples money and don’t bother after that.

  49. Wil says:

    Yes please

  50. Rynaldo says:
  51. Debbie Mulder says:

    Still not added? this should be a basic feature

  52. Pog Le Pog says:

    Please implement this! I’m about to spend several hours doing this very error-prone operation by hand on multiple sites!

  53. Anonymous says:

    Any update on this?? It really should be a basic feature.

  54. Simon says:
  55. Oluwapelumi Adeyemi says:

    This is a basic feature and it’s still not done, sigh

  56. Kiefels says:

    This has been raised since 2013 and it’s STILL not been implemented?!?
    I think it might be nice if it was.

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  58. arkm Tony says:

    It would be very helpful for clients. Thanks for sharing the information.

  59. Lunchtime Results says:

    It would be very helpful for clients. Thanks for sharing the information.

  60. Thai Lottery says:

    Thanks for clear the WooCommerce Table Rate Shipping import / export function deeply its helps altos for my website to activating the function

  61. Alex Gibson says:

    Dimitri’s answer works – use PHP admin to export these tables from the site you want to copy the shipping tables.
    Then, in PHP admin simply import them into the new website’s database. After that you need to ‘Drop’ the existing tables and change the table prefix of the imported 4 tables to match the new database.
    It really is pretty easy. So why the plugin couldn’t do this I don’t know. But Woocommerce aren’t very good at taking feedback and acting on it in my experience. They get very defensive.

    To export and reimport, simply export and reimport those tables:

  62. Alex Gibson says:

    An update on my March 11th comment:
    Using this method many of the Method Titles were not imported for some reason. Instead they displayed as ‘Table Rate’. This was not a problem where labels for the front end had been specified, but where they were not ‘Table Rate’ would be seen by customers. it is also unhelpful on the back end. I manually edited the Method Titles – not ideal but not too time-consuming for this store.


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