The 2022 WooCommerce Holiday Gift Guide

Written by Vanessa Petersen on December 2, 2022 Blog, News, Sell Online.

In the spirit of holiday togetherness, the WooCommerce team has put together a list of our favorite gifts from Woo stores across the world! This list is the brainchild of people at Woo, the broader Automattic team, and our cohort of WooExperts. 

We’ve curated a selection of 40 items serving varied interests, locations, and price ranges, so there’s an option for everyone on your list.

Gifts for them (or yourself, we’re not judging)

At the time of writing, all products are in stock at the listed prices. We’ve included a photo, our gift item of choice, links, price, and geography. Shipping costs and availability may vary based on your location. 

The list is divided into four categories:

Feel free to use the above links to navigate through the list — we’ve included them at the beginning of each section, except for food and drink.

Be sure to order ahead of the last-minute holiday rush! And with that, let’s get to the goods.

Food and drink

illustration of four bottles of wine

Four Bottle Wine Club from Adams Wine Shop

Want to give the gift of wine but don’t know a Pino from a port? This LA-based boutique wine shop focusing on vintages produced by women and BIPOC will hand pick a shipment of four bottles once a month or once a quarter. 

Price: $90.00 (monthly or quarterly)

Shipping availability: Worldwide

Caribou Coffee subscription box

Caribou Blend Subscription from Caribou Coffee

Minneapolis-based Caribou Coffee is the first major US coffeehouse to serve 100% Rainforest Alliance Certified coffee beans. You can gift a monthly subscription to their popular medium-roast Caribou Blend, or lean into the season with a 1 lb or ½ lb bag of their Reindeer Blend.

Price: Starting at $6.50 per month 

Shipping availability: US only

box of truffles with a pink lining

Boozy (and Non-Boozy) Chocolates from Elizabeth Shaw

This UK confectioner has made chocolates for more than 130 years, including for the Royal household. Their Tipsy Treat collection allows you to mix and match from three different boxes of mostly booze-forward sweets. Or, give their less-buzz-inducing-yet-still-popular seasonal offering, the Mint Crisp Advent Calendar

Price: £24.00

Shipping availability: UK only

colorful coffee cups stacked on a table

Beans and Machines from Espresso Perfetto

For every way caffeine is brewed and consumed, Espresso Perfetto has a delicious option available. With beans, grinders, espresso machines, and all of their accompanying accessories, this German coffee connoisseur has gift options from simple to extravagant. 

Price: €20,00 to €4000,00+ 

Shipping availability: Within the EU. For international shipping, send an email inquiry.

colorful cans of beer stacked on a table

Mixed Box of Beer from The Garden Brewery

The Garden Brewery is an award-winning microbrewery based in Zagreb, Croatia and known for creativity and experimentation. Give the gift of živjeli (that’s how you toast in Croatian – you’re welcome) with the Mixed Box, which includes 24 talls of a variety of brews, including IPAs, sours, and stouts. 

Price: £89.00

Shipping availability: Europe and the UK

box of salt products

Sea Salt Gift Box from Halen Môn

Hand-packed with four different sea salts, smoked water, and an adorable ceramic salt jar, this gift box is sure to please homestyle cooks and gourmet chefs alike. Halen Môn’s flakey seasonings are hand-harvested directly from the Isle of Anglesey.

Price: £39.95

Shipping availability: Worldwide

nutribullet on a green background

600W Personal Blender from Nutribullet

Whether it’s making smoothies or soup, the original Nutribullet is designed to serve up maximum nutrition from every ingredient. The perfect gift for the health nut in your life, or anyone looking to make fast, delicious meals without the hassle of cleaning up.

Price: $79.99

Shipping availability: US only

box full off organic fruits and vegetables

Fresh Organic Produce from Pikt

Pikt is dedicated to providing access to fresh, certified-organic fruits and vegetables sourced from the best growers in Europe. Choose from a variety of gift boxes for subscription or one-off delivery. 

Price: Starting at £17.00

Shipping availability: UK only

gift box from Universal Yums

Snack Box Subscription from Universal Yums

Keep the snack master in your life regularly stocked with a gift subscription to Universal Yums’ global snack boxes. Boxes feature regional snacks from Italy, Spain, South Korea, South America, or India, with different size options and subscription lengths – including one-off delivery. At the time of writing, you can choose the Holidays Everywhere box, which features seasonal eats from around the world. 

Price: Starting at $19.00 per delivery

Shipping availability: US only

Whitetail Gin

Whitetail Gin is distilled on the Isle of Mull, part of Scotland’s Inner Hebrides islands. It takes its name from the native white-tailed eagle, Europe’s largest bird of prey. Its unique flavor is also an homage to Mull, thanks to sustainably harvested local botanicals like heather, winter savory, pine needles and sea kelp.

Price: £38.00

Shipping availability: UK only

Hobbies and entertainment

Want to shop somewhere else? Try these sections instead:

books that matter box

Gift Box from Books That Matter

A gift box from Books That Matter is the ultimate empowering festive treat for a bookworm near and dear to you. Featuring inspiring female-authored titles and a selection of goodies from independent makers, these bundles have been designed to educate and delight book lovers.

Price: Starting at £17.00 

Shipping availability: UK only

Boxwalla box on a cream-colored background

Bi-Monthly Film Subscription Box from The Boxwalla

You might not know your Scorsese from your Spielberg, but the film buff in your life certainly does. Earn major art cinema kudos (it’s a thing, we promise) by gifting a Bi-Monthly Film Subscription Box from The Boxwalla. Each box contains two to three movies from The Criterion Collection on Blu-Ray – the perfect accompaniment for a cozy night in eating holiday leftovers.

Price: $49.95 

Shipping: Worldwide

Christmas stationery with forest animals

Christmas Forest Bums Stationery Cards from Clementina Sketchbook

Spread holiday cheer in style with Clementina Sketchbook’s stationery, cards, and gift tags, all printed from original hand-painted artwork. There are many designs to choose from, but how can we pass up recommending the Christmas Forest Bums? Plus, Clementina donates 10% from all animal-themed orders to the African Parks NGO.

Price: £65.00

Shipping availability: Worldwide

puzzle in a box on a white table

Chris Ware’s Building Stories Puzzle from Drawn & Quarterly

This isn’t just an ordinary puzzle. This original collector’s item expands on the bestselling graphic novel, Building Stories. With unique puzzle piece shapes made from molds designed by Chris Ware himself, you’ll be sure to impress the graphic novel enthusiast in your life with this one.

Price: $50.00

Shipping availability: Worldwide

sunglasses on a green background

Kingpin Sunglasses from Melon Optics

Perfect for your favorite endurance sport fanatic, oversized shades have dominated race courses across the globe. Melon Optics allows you to customize your lens and frame combo depending on your sport of choice – with options for road cycling, mountain biking, winter sports, and casual wear.

Price: $141.06 

Shipping availability: Worldwide

Positive News magazines on a white background

Gift Subscription from Positive News

Who says the news has to be all doom and gloom? Positive News is dedicated to changing journalism through rigorous, high-quality articles about everything that’s going right in the world. Give a gift subscription and keep the good vibes flowing all year round.

Price: £30.00 

Shipping availability: Worldwide

white guitar pedal on a white background

Super Lead Overdrive Guitar Pedal from Soldano

This ideal gift for those about to rock offers the same legendary sound as Soldano’s famous SLO-100 high-gain amplifier, but in pedal form. Give the tone loved by rock and blues guitar gods like Eric Clapton, Mark Knopfler, Lou Reed, and Mick Mars.

Price: $229.99

Shipping availability: Worldwide

green planner with calendar dates

2023 Serenity Planner from Under the Cover

An item on their own gift guide, the minimalist motif of this 2023 planner is sure to catch anyone’s eye – along with a plethora of bright and bold tomes from the Portuguese bookseller. Under the Cover offers a curated selection of international magazines, journals, books, and artwork appealing to the modern reader.

Price: €32,00

Shipping availability: Worldwide


Want to shop somewhere else? Try these sections instead:

pink bath bomb on a white background

Lavender Petals Bath Bomb from Flower Vibe Jewelry

All of Flower Vibe Jewelry’s pieces are handmade and truly one-of-a-kind, crafted from ethically sourced gemstones by a team of artisans at their shop in Mukilteo, WA. Find a pair of earrings that’s as unique as your giftee, or perhaps a lavender petals bath bomb may be the perfect stocking stuffer.

Price: $6.00

Shipping availability: Worldwide

green earplugs in a white bag

Eco-friendly Earplugs from Happy Ears 

These reusable and discrete earplugs are made from recycled ocean plastics and are a great quieting option for coworking spaces, crowded flights, or a solid night’s sleep. Headquartered in Sweden, Happy Ears is dedicated to sustainable products, packaging, and manufacturing.

Price: $34.50 

Shipping availability: Worldwide

bottles of self-tanning drops

Self-Tanning Drops from Isle of Paradise

Help your friends and family achieve that sun-kissed look no matter the weather, with color-correcting tanning drops that they can mix in with their favorite moisturizer. Natural ingredients like grapefruit, chia seed, and avocado oil keeps skin hydrated – and makes their Mist & Glow Kit the perfect holiday gift.

Price: $49.00

Shipping availability: US and UK

close-up of the tag on a blue blanket

Weighted Blanket from

Great for post-holiday hygge and calm, this machine-washable weighted blanket comes in standard throw and king sizes (though the king-sized blanket is out of stock at the time of writing). If’s best-in-the-UK weighted blanket isn’t for you, they offer a variety of cozy comforts to suit your gifting needs.

Price: £99.99

Shipping availability: UK only

tin of deodorant on a white background

Natural Deodorant from No Pong

All natural and free of any nasties, this award-winning anti-odorant lives up to the hype – and its name. Choose from cool lavender, flower power, spicy chai, or fragrance-free on a one-off or subscription basis. The perfect stocking filler for the eco-conscious. 

Price: AU$9.00 

Shipping availability: Australia, New Zealand, Southeast Asia, and Europe

person holding a bottle from Root Science

Skincare from Root Science

With a wide range of natural skincare products, Root Science’s exceptional formulas are tailored to different skin types. We recommend giving the gift of choice – a gift card – so that your giftee can browse Root Science’s skin care guides and select exactly what they need.

Price: $50.00 to $300.00

Shipping availability: Gift cards are digital; products ship to the US, Canada, France, and Italy.

Sharper Image massage gun used on a leg

Powerboost Deep Tissue from Sharper Image

For the athlete in your life, the Powerboost Deep Tissue percussion massager comes with five different attachments and its own carrying case. Recovery tools are a valuable part of the athlete’s arsenal, with convenience and use usually seeing a direct correlation in the post-workout haze. 

Price: $129.99

Shipping Availability: US only

travel-sized skincare bottles

Discovery Sets from Sodashi 

These sets of premium, travel-size products are the perfect way to introduce your loved ones to Sodashi’s holistic approach to skincare. Made with the purest botanical extracts and natural ingredients, Sodashi’s decadent lotions and potions are designed to nurture the mind, body, and spirit.

Price: Starting at AU$129.00 

Shipping availability: Worldwide (with some exceptions)

Goods and gear

Want to shop somewhere else? Try these sections instead:

Santa Socks book with an elf knitting a stocking

Santa Socks Personalized Children’s Book from Bang On Books

This modern take on the traditional Christmas story features elves, penguins, the big man in red, a wild sleigh ride, and saving the holidays. And the best part is it also features the child of your choice – or adult, if that’s your thing – with a personalized dedication and their photograph in the magic mirror. A great gift for kids zero through eight years old. 

Price: £19.99

Shipping availability: Worldwide, free within the UK

smart mirror showing the time and various buttons

Thin Cast Smart Mirror from Capstone Connected

It’s the mirror that performs like a tablet. Add style and convenience to any smart home with Capstone’s Thin Cast Smart Mirror, the only one of its kind able to download apps and browse the internet. Available in standard size and full-length, it’s the ultimate accent to today’s connected lifestyle.

Price: $499.00

Shipping availability: US only

cat climbing on a cat bridge

Cat Bridge from Catastrophic Creations

Appease your furry overlords with a unique piece of modern cat furniture. The piece you never knew you needed but now can’t do without? The cat bridge. Will your cat look like Indiana Jones? Quite possibly. Is that even more reason to buy this? 100% yes.

Price: $155.00
Shipping availability: Worldwide

small bottles of perfume in a box

Choose Your Own Trio Fragrance from Experimental Perfume Club

Experimental Perfume club is dedicated to empowering people to explore, experience, and experiment with fragrances. The Creation Set includes a personal blending bottle along with your choice of one Top, one Mid, and one Base eau de parfum, allowing your giftee to create their own signature scent. 

Price: $114.00

Shipping availability: Worldwide

colorful hoodie design

Streetwear from Fionard

Italian streetwear brand Fionard remixes famous works of art to create unique and stylish t-shirts, hoodies, and sweatshirts. And as all garments are made-to-order using non-toxic materials, you can feel safe in the knowledge that you’re making an eco-friendly choice. 

Price: Starting at €20,00

Shipping availability: EU countries and Switzerland

pink sweatshirt from the It Gets Better Project

Gender Universe Sweatshirt from It Gets Better Project

The It Gets Better Project is a non-profit organization dedicated to uplifting and empowering the LGBTQ+ community. Their merch oozes positivity, and proceeds go toward their outreach efforts. We’ve picked the Gender Universe Sweatshirt, but any of their items would make a meaningful gift that spreads an empowering message. 

Price: $40.00 

Shipping availability: Worldwide

box full of items with fun characters

Mystery Kawaii Box Subscription from Kawaii Box

Plushies, squishies, and candy! Oh my! Kawaii-fy a loved one’s life with a monthly subscription box directly from Tokyo – the Kawaii capital itself. Each mystery box is packed with cuteness, so while you won’t know what you’re going to get, you can guarantee that it’ll be adorable. 

Price: Starting at $24.90 

Shipping availability: Worldwide

agenda with a navy quote from Steve Jobs

Aspire Career Designer from LH Agenda

Empower the aspiring leader on your list with elegant stationery from LH Agenda, thoughtfully curated to inspire and develop key traits for success. Their Aspire Career Designer is more than a planner – your giftee can set a vision with time-framed and achievable goals to help build a fulfilling career.

Price: $32.95

Shipping availability: 47 countries

solar-powered lamp with kids gathered around

Little Sun Original from Little Sun

Put the power of the sun in the palm of your giftee’s hand with this cute, yet practical, solar-powered lamp. Just five hours of sun charge will keep it shining for more than 50 hours, making it the perfect sustainable accessory for festivals, camping trips, or simply brightening up someone’s day.

Price: €28,90 

Shipping availability: Worldwide

wood coasters with the Offerman Woodshop logo

Whiskey Coasters from Offerman Woodshop

Nobody respects wood more than master woodworker and actor (Parks and Recreation’s Ron Swanson) Nick Offerman. So you know your lucky giftee can depend on Offerman Woodshop’s Whiskey Coasters to protect their precious lumber investments from unsightly rings. They work equally well for non-whiskey beverages, too.

Price: $39.00

Shipping availability: US only

man wearing a grey Rose Apothecary sweatshirt

Rose Apothecary Hoodie from the Schitt’s Creek shop

Direct from Schitt’s Creek, this sweatshirt is a perfect gift for fans of the Canadian comedy that captured peoples’ hearts with its hilarity and wholesomeness. Other shop items include pins, totes, shirts, and even a Rosebud Motel robe to help you feel like a guest in the Rose family’s ramshackle abode.

Price: $60.00 

Shipping availability: Worldwide

gold glass ball on a black background

Christmas Balls Glass Sculptures by Simone Cenedese

These traditionally made Murano glass ornaments lend an air of elegance to any tree, bush, or other holiday flora. The small glass spheres are mouth-blown and hand-turned, making each a unique piece of art.

Price: €55,00

Shipping availability: Worldwide (with some exceptions)

beautiful blue and orange blanket

The Adventure Blanket from Treeline Collective

Packable and soft, the Adventure Blanket is perfect for cozy campfires and cold winter evenings. The Treeline Collective is a member of 1% for the Planet, meaning they pledge 1% of their total sales to fund high-impact conservation projects around the world.

Price: $90.50 

Shipping availability: Worldwide

black hat with a pizza design

Pizza Slice Hat from the Tumblr Shop

Sure, Tumblr is our sister company, but the pizza slice hat would be a strong recommendation anyway. It’s classy and makes a statement. And that statement is “I <3 pizza.” It’s a perfect gift for literally anybody because pizza is universally beloved and admired. 

Price: $25.00

Shipping availability: Worldwide

Happy gifting!

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