ANZ eGate (MIGS)

Take credit card payments via ANZ eGate.

Take credit card payments via ANZ eGate (MIGS)

The ANZ eGate plugin extends WooCommerce allowing you to take credit card payments directly on your store via the ANZ eGate payment processor in AU and NZ dollar currencies. It’s suitable for small to large businesses wanting to perform online transactions.

This plugin allows you to use either a merchant hosted or server hosted checkout. Merchant hosted is where the merchant provides an SSL secure page on their website for purchasers to enter credit card details and order details. The merchant’s system then sends one encrypted message to ANZ eGate, which processes the transaction and provides an approved/declined response. The merchant’s system then displays a response to the purchaser. A server hosted checkout transfers the customer from your website to an ANZ branded website to enter their credit card details. After the payment is confirmed, the customer is returned to the order confirmation page on your site.

Please note: This plugin supports ANZ’s MIGS backend. From September 12th 2022, new ANZ merchants will be provided with the MPGS backend, which is not currently compatible. We are working to expand support to MPGS.

The credit card form for the merchant hosted option

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