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Sync Product Information with Google Sheets

Bulk Product Sync with Google Sheets for WooCommerce is a plugin that can import and export store products and categories via Google Sheets. Just one click will fetch all the existing products from your store to a Google Sheet or from a Google Sheet to your store.

Users report that Bulk Product Sync with Google Sheets is a lifesaver! They love using it to manage bulk products in their stores.

Plugin settings page

Connecting Google Sheets with your store

Watch a short video explaining how to connect your store with Google Sheets. Follow the steps in the video and set up your site from the plugin’s settings. 

How do you synchronize (import products from sheet to site)?

Make sure you always have the ID column in the first place and the Sync column must be in the last place as seen in the screenshot below.

More columns can be added between the ID and Sync column and these column names must be the same as described in the products keys here.

Add product data inside each row under the headers and leave the ID and Sync values blank. And then, click on Google Sync > Sync Data. See the screenshot below.

When the sync operation is done, the product automatically gets assigned the ID value and the Sync column also sets its value to OK.

How do you update the product?

When the product(s) need to be updated from sheet to site, the sync column value must be blank, which means remove the OK value and click again on Google Sync > Sync Data.

How do you fetch products and categories from site to sheet?

To populate your sheet with existing products in your store click Google Sync > Fetch Products (or Category). It will fetch all the products from your store to the sheet.

Resetting or unlinking data

At any point, the link between a sheet and the store can be reset. This means there will not be any connection between store products, categories, and sheet data. The Sync Row # will be set to “Not synced” as seen below.

Products sync column status when not linked.

When a product or category is linked, the Sync Row # column will show the row number.

Video tutorials

All features are explained in the following video


How to AutoSync and fetch products

How to add custom meta columns for products


Minimum PHP version: 7.1

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