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Bulk Shop for WooCommerce

Developed by Consortia AS
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Bulk Shop for WooCommerce

Developed by Consortia AS

Bulk order products and variations easy

Bulk Shop enable bulk ordering and lists your products and variables in a responsive table. The extension can be used in a wholesale solution, donation list if you use Name your price for WooCommerce or just to show customers all your products in a list view. Make it easy to bulk order products and variations.

Let customers shop in bulk

This is a typical list for Bulk Shop. On a variable product the price show default the price range until you select the variable you want. The list will be handy if one have customers that want to easy shop in a list. For wholesaler/B2B solutions one can tailor this to use up to 10 custom prices and their roles. The list can also expand all variations so that purchasers fast and easy can add 10 or 1000 of the variants they want. The list is flexible and one can easy hide columns and other using shortcodes created in Bulk Shop shortcode generator (admin).

Name your price integration

Bulk Shop - Name your price integration

Want to set up an order form for donations? If you already have Name your price for WooCommerce your products will automatically be shown in the list.

Mobile view

As more and more customers shop on their phones, this view let customers use the same functionality as with larger screens.

Shortcode generator

The shortcode generator is used when you want to set default quantities per product, hide columns or functions in the list. You find it in WP admin and here you easy generate the shortcodes you need for your pages. You can select the categories you like, set paging and other options and then just click create shortcode and copy it to your page. There are also integration options to i.e set a custom retailer or wholesaler price and roles. More information in the documentation for Bulk Shop.

Feature overview

  • Enables product catalog view
  • Enables product categories view
  • Enables mobile views
  • Enables a way to bundle or group products
  • Creates sale badge and calculates the sale in percent
  • Bulk add products to cart
  • Set your quantities per row
  • Shopping cart icon to show that a product is added to cart
  • Products in a list table view
  • Search and paging function
  • Shortcode generator (options to show or hide functions and columns)
  • Options for custom Wholesaler / Retailer price and roles
    • Add up to 10 wholesaler (or other) prices and their roles NEW
  • Supports: Name your price for WooCommerce – NEW

The extension is compatible with

  • WooCommerce Products and variations
  • WooCommerce Subscriptions and variations
  • Name your price for WooCommerce
  • Wholesale for WooCommerce
  • Integrations for custom price and roles

Supported themes

  • WooCommerce Storefront
  • WordPress Themes
  • Works with Elementor (use shortcodes)
  • Works for most themes, but for some you may need to do some CSS adjustments

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