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This extension gives you the power of role-based pricing for B2B / B2C and wholesalers. It include features like adding roles, bulk pricing for categories, sales including storewide sales for any role, dynamic pricing like buy 3 or more get 20%, private store option and ex. VAT options for any role. This advanced but user-friendly extension let you take charge when you want to control your store for any customer role!


  • Easy to bulk manipulate prices for roles / members / guest users (B2C).
  • Create bulk or specific pricing rules for categories, products and subscriptions.
  • Create dynamic pricing rules for categories and products like: Buy 3 or more, get 40% discount. 
  • Easily set ON SALE for discounted categories or products / variations.
  • Easily create roles you need for your wholesaler B2B / B2C store.
  • Create storewide sales based on role, day and time.
  • Add coupons to your rules for extra discounts in shopping cart.
  • Private store option.
  • Exclusive VAT option (net prices) for any role.
  • Option to do tax exempt on orders for net prices roles
  • Easily hide products and categories.
  • Prices relate on your current product prices, easier and less administration for you.
  • Increase or decrease prices in percent or fixed amount.
  • A number of possibilities for manipulating the B2B store in settings.
  • Included languages: English, Spanish, French and Norwegian.
  • Easy to set up and a simple user interface.
  • Works with products, variations and subscriptions

Activate price roles

The first tab in Roles & Rules B2B is to enable and set up general rules for your roles. Before you start activating rules for a role, you can use the Roles tab to create your customer roles such as VIP Customers, Wholesalers or whatever you want. Once this is in place, add the roles to the General tab (as above) using Select Role. A general rule can be 5% on all items in the store, while a more specific rule can be: 10% on the category t-shirts (Categories tab). If you want to specify rules at product level, for example: 25% discount on Polo shirts, use the Products tab.

The General tab also allows you to set up Storewide sales, such as 20% on the entire store from 10:00 to 21:00. In this tab you also easily add coupons for extra discounts in shopping cart and checkout (is automatically added for customer).

Bulk price rules for categories

Easily add and set up rules for categories

  • Set discount rules per category
  • Set quantity rules per category
  • Tag categories on sale
  • Hide categories and associated products

With rules for categories, you can easily set up your store with discounts such as category 1 = 50%, category 2 = 30%, and so on—mark the category on sale if you like. In addition you can set up dynamic pricing rules like buy 3 or more, get 40% discount. (will be labeled in the store)

Price rules for products, variables and subscriptions

Set rules for any product or any variant in your store. Use the convenient product search and add products to the rule list. Set pricing rules such as: increase or decrease the price in percent or set a fixed price for your product or add dynamic pricing rules like buy 3 or more, get 40% discount. The product list includes a handy image magnifier, product current price as well as various ways to set the right price for this customer role. The products you select a rule, and set a value for, automatically become active, in an active role. There’s also an option to hide single products.

Add roles

Easy add the roles and capabilities you need for your B2B or B2C store in the Roles (tab). After adding roles you can use the button ‘Add Users to Role’, then you are directed into user administration and can easily bulk set users to the new role. The table list roles and if they use Net prices (ex.VAT) – easily set up in settings.

Automatically add coupon discounts

Roles & Rules - Coupon support

You can easily use coupons and attach them to a role. You can give extra discounts if a customer buys a certain amount, or you want to offer free shipping or another benefit. Each rule has a drop-down box with your coupons, and a button to edit these (uses the standard WooCommerce coupons), or create new ones when you need them. The coupons are automatically added to the shopping cart and at check-out.

Storewide sales for roles

In addition to the general rules, there is an option for storewide sales for a selected role. Setting up a sale is easy, just set “reduce price” by a factor like a percentage, set a start/end date for the sale and start/end time if you like and save rule. When the sale starts, it shows up just like any other sale in your store with sales badges and so on. The sale option enables you to have different sales for different roles whenever it suits you. 

Format prices and labels

This example shows a role with net prices (ex.VAT). The prices shows reduction in percent (option to set this in settings). Some of the prices have dynamic prices like buy 3 or more, get 25% discount. The yellow background and label is configurable in Roles & Rules settings.

Roles & Rules and Bulk Shop

Example shows Roles & Rules used together with our Bulk Shop for WooCommerce extension – enable customers to easy bulk shop your products/variations.

Prices on a variable product page, shown ex. VAT (option in Roles & Rules B2B settings)

Net prices and tax exempt

Roles & Rules B2B - Cart ex. vat

The cart will calculate prices ex.VAT if this is set up in settings. There is also and option (in settings) to tax exempt so that cart/checkout removes all taxes and execute the orders ex. taxes.

Private store

Roles & Rules B2B - hidden prices

Hide prices and add to cart easily for not logged in users. Just enter Roles & Rules settings and check private store and you have a product catalog for your not logged in users.


You can set up a role for some of your Wholesaler customers and give them a 10% general discount on all products. First, you add a role, this using the included add roles (tab) in Roles & Rules B2B. Then you go to the Rules (tab) and add a rule for this role.

For example:

  • Wholesaler 10
    • We set up a general rule including a 10% discount (this percentage is automatically reduced from the regular price of the products).
    • We have good profit on decor. We want to give a 20% discount on this category. So we:
      • Check the Decor category in the general rule for categories.
      • Input 20 into the field below (this value will use this percent as set for the rule).
      • Check the “On Sale” checkbox (customers will now see the sale prices).
      • Check the active rule using the checkbox in the column Active, then Save the rule to activate it.
    • If we have other categories we want to set special discounts on:
      • Find the tab – Categories
      • Check the categories you want to have rules for + Add categories (button)
      • Hide a category and its products – just check the hidden checkbox
      • Set up your discount rules and save (button)
      • Set up your dynamic price rules like buy 3 get 40% discount
    • And finally, for some selected products if we want to set unique prices we can:
      • Enter the Wholesaler 10 rule
      • Search for a product + Add (button)
      • or select a category and all the products in that category will be listed
      • Set up a price rule and / or a dynamic price rule like buy 3 or more get 20%
      • Save the changes

This was just one example of how to set up a rule for a role. See the product documentation for more information about rules.


  • Storewide sales for any role.
  • Set rules for guest users (B2C).
  • Start and end dates for sales.
  • Start and end time for storewide sales NEW
  • Easily and seamlessly add roles and capabilities.
  • View the count of users for every role.
  • Link to WP Admin Users for easy assignment of users to a role.
  • Easily create rules for every role.
  • Set percentage or fixed-price reductions.
  • Increase prices using percentage or fixed value.
  • Specific rules for categories:
    • Set bulk discounts / increases
    • Set dynamic bulk discounts (buy 3 or more get 40% discount) NEW
    • Set on-sale
    • Set categories as hidden (hide a category in a store and its products)
  • General rules for categories.
    • Select categories and a value (increase or reduce based on the general rule).
    • Selected categories can be set to: “On Sale”
  • Product rules
    • Set discounts / increases
    • Set dynamic discounts (buy 3 or more, get 40% discount) NEW
    • Hid products
  • Automatically set coupon discounts for any rule
  • Option to hide prices and shop functionality for users who are not logged in.
  • Option to hide Retail price
  • Option to set text after Retail price and B2B price
  • Option to show a reduction in percent and label before or after
  • Option for Net prices for B2B store / prices excluding tax for any role
  • Access roles: Shop manager and administrator.
  • Includes POT file for translations
    • Included languages:
      • English (US)
      • Spanish
      • French
      • Norwegian

The extension is compatible with

Information and requirements

  • WooCommerce 3.0+
  • PHP 5.6+

View documentation for more info

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