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Roles & Rules B2B

Developed by Consortia AS
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Roles & Rules B2B

Developed by Consortia AS

Enable Role-based Pricing for B2B / Wholesaler Customers

Turn your store into a Wholesaler / B2B store and take advantage of role-based pricing. Set up rules for roles, easily create extra rules for products or categories, create sales for categories, and set up storewide sales for any role. This extension even lets you turn your store into a product catalog with hidden prices and no shop functionality. Roles & Rules B2B can be easily used as a hybrid for both B2B and B2C customers. Roles & Rules B2B makes calculations using your current regular prices, no new price fields are added to your products.

Roles & Rules B2B enables you to add as many roles as you would like to your store. You can easily make custom rules for every role, set discounts, increase prices in percent, or increase prices by fixed values. A button sends you directly to your WP users and enables you to bulk set users to any new role, it makes it easy for you to assign your customers a new Role.

Set Up Rules For Any Role

The list of rules enables you to easily make changes, activate rules, view user counts by role, and set up sales. Add a new rule by selecting a role and clicking the + button. You can set up a general rule for the role; like 5% off on every product in the store. Set extra rules for a selection of categories and mark these as on sale based on your preference. The sale rules let you easily set up a storewide sale using a set percent discount or a fixed value.

Add Rules for Product And Variations

Roles & Rules - Product rules

Set rules for any product or any variant in your store. Use the convenient product search and add products to the rule list. Set pricing rules such as: increase or decrease the price in percent or set a fixed price for your product. The product list includes a handy image magnifier, product current price as well as various ways to set the right price for this customer role. The products you have selected a rule and set a value for automatically become active, in an active role.

Easily Add Category Rules

Roles & Rules B2B - example

Set up extra rules for categories. If you have a wholesaler rule using a 5% discount and want to give an extra discount in one or several categories, just check the categories and set the discount value to your desired amount i.e. 10%. This gives you the ability to easily alter prices for a specific role and/or category. You can even set the selected categories “On Sale” and the SALE badge will show on your products in the store.

Automatically add Coupon Discounts

Roles & Rules - Coupon support

You can easily use coupons and attach them to a rule. You can give extra discounts if the customer buys for a certain amount or you want to offer free shipping or something else. Each rule has a drop-down box with your coupons, here you will also find a button to edit these, or create new ones if you need it. The coupons are automatically added to the shopping cart and at check-out.

Set Up Storewide Sales For Roles

In addition to the general rules, there is an option for storewide sales for a selected role. Setting up a sale is easy, just set “reduce price” by a factor like percent, set a start/end date for the sale, and save. When the sale starts, it shows up just like any other sale in your store with sales badges and so on. The sale option enables you to have different sales for different roles whenever it suits you. 

Price Format and Price Reductions

After login, having a B2B Role the shop can look like this. There are several options for setting prices and labels for prices, found in settings. In Roles & Rules settings you also find several options for showing percentage reductions and labels for this.

Show Store As a Product Catalog

Roles & Rules B2B - hidden prices

The extension has an option to only show prices and shopping functions for logged in users. This option is found in settings. When the option is set, your store does not show any prices or add to cart buttons. The add to cart button’s name is automatically changed to “Read more” (product). With this option you can create a B2B store that shows your end customers only the products and does not display your prices to them. By default, (not logged in) the store shows your regular prices and the shop functionality you already have. 


Roles & Rules B2B Example

We want to set up a role for some of our Wholesaler customers that we want to give a 5% discount on all products. First we add a role, this we do using the included add roles (tab) in Roles & Rules B2B. Then we go to the Rules (tab) and add a rule for this role:

  • Wholesaler 5
    • We set up a general rule including a 5% discount (this percentage is automatically reduced from the regular price of the products).
    • We sell clothing, so we have good profit on our t-shirts. We want to give a 10% discount on the T-Shirt category to this role.
      • Just check the T-Shirt category in the extra rule for categories.
      • Add 10 into the input field below (this value will use this percent as set for the rule).
      • Leave the “On Sale” checkbox unchecked (unless you want this to appear as a sale for the customer).
    • Set the rule to active using the checkbox and save afterwards.
    • Go to the tab: Rules Products to add special rules for selected products.
      • Enter the Wholesaler 5 rule
      • Search for a product + Add (button)
      • Set i.e a fixed price or a percentage reduction + Save (button)

This was just one example on how to set up a rule for a role. See the product documentation for more information about rules.

Key features

  • Storewide sales for any role.
  • Start and end dates for sale.
  • Easily and seamlessly add roles.
  • View the count of users for every role.
  • Link to WP Admin Users for easy assignment of users to a role.
  • Easily create rules for every role.
  • Set percentage or fixed price reductions.
  • Increase prices using percentage or fixed value.
  • Extra rules for categories.
    • Select categories and a value (increase or reduce based on the general rule).
    • Selected categories can be set to “On Sale.”
  • Extra rule for selected products or variations. NEW
  • Automatically set coupon discounts for any rule – NEW
  • Option to hide prices and shop functionality for users who are not logged in.
  • Option to hide Retail price
  • Option to set text after Retail price and B2B price
  • Option to show reduction in percent and label before or after
  • Access roles: Shop manager and administrator.
  • Includes POT file for easy translations

The extension is compatible with

  • WooCommerce products and variations
  • WooCommerce subscription and variations

Information & Requirements

  • WooCommerce 3.0+
  • PHP 5.6+

View documentation for more info

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