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Roles & Rules B2B

Easily create customized B2B and B2C experiences, dynamic discounts, VAT/TAX exceptions, private shopping, role-based pricing mastery, and simplified user registration.

  • Dynamic Pricing & Discounts: Craft specific offers, bulk-buy promotions, and category-targeted discounts with ease.
  • Enhanced Store Privacy: Control product visibility, hide prices for non-logged-in users, and set role-specific access.
  • Robust Role Management: Streamline B2B & B2C roles, set VAT exemptions, and easily assign bulk user roles.
  • Seamless User Onboarding: Feature-rich registration form with custom fields and labels for a smooth start.

Tailored Customer Experiences Made Simple

Make the most of your store’s potential by using our robust role-based administration extension. For businesses running both B2B and B2C stores, Roles & Rules B2B provides an easy-to-use way to handle pricing rules and customer roles. Put an end to complicated pricing schemes and concentrate on providing your clients with the greatest deals and discounts without difficulty.

Key features:

  • Streamlined Role Management: Easily manage customer roles for both B2B and B2C stores.
  • Pricing Rules Simplified: Set up pricing rules based on your current product prices.
  • Targeted Discounts: Offer customized discounts and promotions for each category in your store.
  • Dynamic Pricing Flexibility: Implement dynamic pricing rules like “buy 3 or more, get 40% off.”
  • Storewide Sales Made Easy: Set up storewide sales and effortlessly add coupons for extra discounts.
  • Exclusive Privacy Options: Make your shop private by hiding prices for non-logged-in users.
  • Granular Control: Set user capabilities, VAT and TAX exempt rules, and more for each role.
  • Enhanced Category Management: Hide specific categories and associated products for better control.
  • Seamless Registration Process: Add a customizable registration form on the “My Account” page.

Benefit from:

  • Unified Role Management: Seamlessly handle roles for B2B and B2C, ensuring no customer is left behind.
  • Dynamic Discounts: Craft enticing offers like “Buy 3, Get 40% Off” without breaking a sweat.
  • Private Shopping Experience: Control visibility by hiding prices or categories for specific user roles.
  • Enhanced User Registration: Customizable fields and labels make onboarding a breeze.
  • Granular Control: From VAT exemptions to bulk user role assignments, it’s about giving you the reins.

Enhance your WooCommerce store with Roles & Rules B2B. Shape your sales strategies while keeping your customers at the heart of every decision.


Mastering General Rules & Discounts

Roles & Rules B2B for WooCommerce - general rules

Dive into the heart of Roles & Rules B2B with the General tab, designed to simplify the application of broad rules across customer roles. Kickstart by fashioning custom customer roles, such as ‘VIP Customers’ or ‘Wholesalers’, via the Roles tab. Once crafted, effortlessly incorporate these roles into the General tab.

Begin with overarching rules, like a blanket 5% storewide discount, then finesse details with role-specific incentives— perhaps, a 10% reduction for t-shirts under the “Categories” tab. Want to spotlight a special product? Easily apply unique discounts, say, a 25% cut on Polo shirts through the “Products” tab.

Explore more with timed storewide promotions: maybe a 20% markdown from 10:00 to 21:00. For that extra allure, integrate automatic coupons during checkout, ensuring your customers enjoy a frictionless and rewarding shopping experience.

Category Management & Precision Promotions

Roles & Rules B2B - categories

Dive deeper into categorial customization with Roles & Rules B2B. The “Categories” tab is your gateway to meticulously tailored pricing strategies for every category in your store. Empower each section of your inventory with specific discounts—whether it’s a sweeping 50% off on category 1 or a more restrained 30% on category 2.

Spotlight coveted promotions by marking categories as “on sale.” Design bespoke quantity discounts like “buy 3 or more, get 40% off,” making sure it’s prominently flagged for shoppers.

Harness the power of bulk functions to uniformly apply values across roles, ensuring consistent pricing policies. If discretion is the order of the day, effortlessly hide select categories and their products, curating the browsing experience for your clientele.

Roles & Rules B2B offers a comprehensive suite for category management, ensuring every customer discovers perfectly pitched promotions in a seamless, intuitive layout.

Product and subscriptions

Roles & Rules B2B - product rules

Set rules for any product or any variant in your store with Roles & Rules B2B for WooCommerce. Use the convenient product search and add products to the rule list, and easily toggle the product list with the edit button to manage your rules. Set pricing rules such as increasing or decreasing the price in percent, setting a fixed price for your product, or adding dynamic pricing rules like buy 3 or more, get 40% discount. The product list includes a handy image magnifier, product current price, as well as various ways to set the right price for each customer role. The products you select a rule for, and set a value for, automatically become active in an active role. You can also hide single products and variations as needed.

Manage roles

Roles & Rules B2B - roles

Managing your store’s customer roles has never been easier with Roles & Rules. Using the “Roles” tab, you can quickly and easily add the roles and capabilities you need for your B2B or B2C store. Once you have created your roles, you can use the “Add Users to Role” button to bulk-set users to the new role, which will direct you to the user administration page.

The “Roles” tab also displays a table of all your created roles, including their slug and capabilities, which you can easily expand by clicking on them. You can also set up VAT and Tax exemptions for each role in the settings section. If you need to delete any roles, you can do so easily on this tab.

With Roles & Rules, managing customer roles has never been simpler, giving you more time to focus on providing the best possible shopping experience for your customers.

Automatically add coupon discounts

Roles & Rules - Coupon support

You can easily use the standard WooCommerce coupons and attach them to any role. Give extra discounts if a customer buys a certain amount, or offer free shipping or other discounts. Each rule has a drop-down box with your coupons, and a button to edit these if you need to. The coupons are automatically added to the shopping cart or at check-out for your customers.

Storewide sales for roles

In addition to the general rules, there is an option for storewide sales for a selected role. Setting up a sale is easy, just set “reduce price” by a factor like a percentage, set a start/end date for the sale and start/end time if you like and save rule. When the sale starts, it shows up just like any other sale in your store with sales badges and so on. The sale option enables you to have different sales for different roles whenever it suits you. 

Registration form

With Roles & Rules B2B plugin for WooCommerce, you can easily create a registration form on the “My Account” page. Customize the form by adding the fields you need and setting them up in the plugin’s settings. You can also choose to prevent automatic login upon registration for added security.

Additionally, the plugin offers a role type that grants users no rights, further enhancing your store’s security. You can also enable or disable fields, set fields as required, and customize labels for fields that aren’t translated.

For added convenience, there’s an extra text field for customer information that will be shown on the user/customer profile. With these user registration features, you can ensure a smooth, secure registration process for your customers.

Format prices and labels

Roles & Rules B2B for WooCommerce - shop discounts

This example shows a role with net prices (ex.VAT). The prices shows reduction in percent (option to set this in settings). Some of the prices have dynamic prices like buy 3 or more, get 25% discount. The yellow background and label is configurable in Roles & Rules settings.


Prices on a variable product page, shown ex. VAT (option in Roles & Rules B2B settings)

Net prices and tax exempt

Roles & Rules B2B - Cart ex. vat

The cart will calculate prices ex.VAT if this is set up in settings. There is also and option (in settings) to tax exempt so that cart/checkout removes all taxes and execute the orders ex. taxes.

Private store

Roles & Rules B2B - hidden prices

Hide prices and add to cart easily for not logged in users. Just enter Roles & Rules settings and check private store and you have a product catalog for your not logged in users.

Compatible with:

Information and requirements

  • WooCommerce 3.0+
  • PHP 5.6+

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