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Need to show products and variations in a table? As well as the option to list all variations as single items? Perhaps you sell to B2B customers? And want your customers to bulk order your products easily? Bulk Shop comes with a handy shortcode generator, it enables you to create shortcodes for table listings, both for products (including variables), upsells and related products.


  • Integrates with most B2B / Wholesale solutions (automatically)
  • Supports up to 10 B2B/wholesaler (or other) prices and their roles (if you need to set this up manually)
  • Makes it easy to shop in bulk
  • Filter on price, category and tags
  • Create table list for related / upsells that can be used on the product page
  • Advanced search function (searches in SKU, Tags, Name and description – merges the results and present it)
  • Responsive table (mobile view)
  • Many options with the included shortcode generator, such as:
    • Redirect the customer to the shopping cart or check out after: Add to cart
    • Private store (hides prices and the opportunity to shop for non-logged in users)
    • Taylor your table and hide columns and functionality
  • Set your own labels, table headings and buttons (settings)
  • Compatible with:
  • POT file for translations, and included languages: English, Spanish, French and Norwegian

Table view (variations as select option)

bulk shop frontend view

Table view (variations as single items)

bulk shop expanded variations

List products and expand variations in a table, just tick it off when creating the shortcode for the view.

Price Range Filter NEW

Bulk Shop - Price Range Filter

Let customers filter your products using the price range filter. Just move the silders and the table filters based the min and max prices. The price filter automatically find the min and max prices in the table, less job for your customers.

Show Up-Sells and Related products

Bulk Shop - up-sells and related

Easy make a shortcode to use in your template for products. In this example we have also hidden category selector, search, bulk add and checkboxes to make it a clean table. The first products shown in the table is your product Up-Sells, then the related products are shown in the rows below. See documentation on how to set this up.

Name your price integration

Want to set up an order form for donations? If you already have Name your price for WooCommerce your products will automatically be shown in the list. Use the settings for Bulk Shop to set your own labels for Name your price.

Used with Category filters

Works together with category filters like our own Bulk Category Editors category filter. The options for this filter is many including setting colours, fonts, layout, labels and much more.

Using category filter


Used in a role based solution (B2B)

Bulk Shop in use in a role based B2B system like our own Roles & Rules B2B for WooCommerce, this view uses select boxes for variable products.

Responsive mobile views

As more and more customers shop on their phones, this view let customers use the same functionality as with larger screens. Options to set labels and more for this view.

Shortcode generator

The shortcode generator is used when you want to set default quantities per product, hide columns or functions in the list. You find it in WP admin and here you easy generate the shortcodes you need for your pages. You can select the categories you like, set paging and other options and then just click create shortcode and copy it to your page. There are also integration options to i.e set a custom retailer or wholesaler price and roles. More information in the documentation for Bulk Shop.

Feature overview

  • Shows all your products in a list and make it easy to bulk order
  • Filter by category
  • Price range filter
  • Filter by Tags NEW
  • Responsive mobile view
  • Enables a way to bundle or group products
  • Creates sale badges and calculates the sale in percent
  • Bulk add products to cart
    • Option for redirect after Add to cart ( Cart or Checkout )
  • Set pre defined quantities per row
  • In cart icon to show that a product is added to cart, mouse over to see quantity added
  • Products in a list table view
  • Search and paging function
  • Search in SKU and Tags
  • Zoom function on product images
  • Shortcode generator (options to show or hide functions and columns)
  • Integration options for your custom B2B/Wholesaler prices and roles
    • Supports to set manually up to 10 wholesaler (or other) prices and their roles
    • For i.e Dynamic pricing and Wholesale for WooCommerce prices/roles is set in these extensions
  • Settings for easy translation or set your own table headings and buttons
    • Option for CSS and integrations
  • Shortcode option for hide prices for not logged in users
  • Shortcode option for setting max short description words NEW
  • Shortcode options for using Bulk Shop in product pages, showing Up-Sells and related products
  • Shortcode option for hide search form
  • Shortcode option for hide checkboxes (first column)
  • Shortcode option to remove product and thumbnail link NEW
  • Progress bar when bulk adding to cart
  • POT file for easy translation

The extension is compatible with

  • WooCommerce Products and variations
  • WooCommerce Subscriptions and variations
  • Roles & Rules B2B for WooCommerce
  • Name your price for WooCommerce
  • Dynamic pricing for WooCommerce
  • Wholesale for WooCommerce
  • Integrations for custom price and roles (up to 10 roles)

Supported themes

  • WooCommerce Storefront
  • WordPress Themes
  • Works with Elementor (use shortcodes)
  • Works for most themes, but for some you may need to do some CSS adjustments

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