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Cart and Order Restrictions

Add checkout restrictions based on user roles, cart quantity, amount, product and category in the cart, with Cart and Order Restrictions.

Add Checkout Restrictions

Cart and Order Restrictions enables you to add checkout restrictions based on conditions you set. You can set restrictions for cart amount, cart quantity, products in the cart, the quantity of the products from a specific category, previous order history, and more. You can configure these restrictions and apply them to selected customers and user roles for a specified period.

Use Cases

Below are some major use cases of this extension. Feel free to contact us to discuss any particular use case.

Wholesale buying
You can restrict product purchases for B2B wholesale users to a specific quantity and amount. For example, if you have offered discounted prices to B2B user roles, you can limit the minimum product, cart quantity, or amount they need for checkout.

Limited stock items
Customers may buy limited stock items in bulk to resell, causing them to quickly sell out. Ensure all your customers have a chance to buy trending and best-selling limited products from your store. Limit the purchase quantity of limited stock items.

Custom items
When selling custom-made goods or other VIP goods that have limited monthly or weekly stock, you can put a restriction on how many a customer can purchase in a week or month. Once the customer has reached the threshold, the extension won’t allow them to order again until the next weekly or monthly period.

Limited quantity purchased from a category
If you are selling wine bottles, you might want to sell them in multiples of X. You can choose to select a whole category and apply buying limitations in quantity multiples like 6,12,18, etc.

Minimum order amount or quantity:
Add minimum and maximum limits based on order amount or quantity. You can apply this restriction to all of specific user roles like B2B, wholesale, retailer and more.

Maximum orders per day:
Do you want to implement limit on maximum orders? Look no further, this Cart and Order Restriction extension enables you to add maximum orders your can accept each day.


  • Restrict checkout based on:
    • Product quantity
    • Category quantity (aggregate items quantity from a category)
    • Cart total amount
    • Cart total quantity
    • Shipping method
    • Payment method
  • Enable restrictions for selected user roles and customers only
  • Display customized error messages for each restriction type
  • Add restriction reset days (example: only two hats can be purchased in seven days)
  • Option to add minimum to maximum ranges or comma-separated quantities for restriction
  • Add start and end date for restrictions

Choose from 6 restriction types

You can create multiple restriction rules and choose from 6 different restriction types.

Product quantity
Apply restrictions based on individual product quantity. For example, item A can be purchased within a specific range or based on specific quantities like 1,4,6, or 8.

Category quantity
You can choose to apply restrictions to an entire category or multiple categories. The extension will calculate the aggregate quantity of all products in a cart to apply restrictions.
For example: if you are selling products in multiples of X, you can choose to put the restriction on the entire category and allow customers to checkout only when the aggregate quantity of all products is a multiple of X. You can also set quantity restriction in a minimum or maximum or add comma-separated custom quantities.

Cart total amount
Instead of adding limitations on individual products or categories, you can set restrictions based on the total cart amount. You can set restrictions based on cart totals or subtotals.

Total cart quantity
Along with the amount, you can also apply restrictions on total cart quantities. Disallow purchases when the cart quantity is out of the pre-defined range.

Shipping methods
You can choose to hide shipping methods based on users, user roles, and cart amounts. You can also set shipping limitations for each shipping method (flat, local, and more).

Payment methods
Just like the shipping methods, you can manage the visibility of payment methods based on users, user roles, and cart amounts.

Three types of quantity and amount limitations

You can add additional limits to the six restriction modes by adding limits for quantity and amount.

Minimum and maximum ranges
Add minimum and/or maximum values and enable checkout only when the amount or quantity falls within the specified range.

Steps based
Extend range restrictions by adding steps to allow customers to purchase in multiples of X.

If you want to keep the quantities more specific, you can add custom comma-separated values like 1, 3, 4, 7, 9, 10.

Add restrictions based on user roles and duration

You can add more limits to the six restriction modes by adding limits for user roles and duration.

Specific customers and user roles
You can apply restrictions to selected customers or user roles like B2B, wholesalers, customers, and more.

Reset duration
The duration reset option enables you to expand the range of a purchase window. For example, you can add seven days to allow users to purchase more of a restricted product.

Rule duration
You can add rule start and end dates. After the end date, the rule will not apply to purchases.

Customize error messages

You can customize restriction messages by using different variables. The extension offers different variables for different restriction types to personalize error messages.



Minimum PHP version: 5.2

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