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Add One-Click empty cart button

Old sessions and customer carts remain saved in online store databases for 48 hours. Sometimes store owners don’t want to clear customer carts after 48 hours or they want to clear carts early for certain products. WooCommerce empty cart plugin provides full control over customer carts and sessions. It allows store owners to empty carts and clear sessions automatically after a defined time period. Store owners can clear cart sessions in periods of minutes, hours, and days. WooCommerce clear cart and sessions plugin also make sure users are inactive before clearing their carts.

If you are looking to reduce cart abandonment, install the WooCommerce discounts plugin to increase sales.

Features list:

  • Clear cart and sessions after specified minutes, hours, or days
  • Enable empty cart button on the cart page for customers
  • Customize text and color of clear cart button
  • Enable empty cart when the page is loaded
  • Redirect users to the shop page or any custom URL after clearing the cart
This Plugin is fully compatible with HPOS(High-Performance Order Storage) and Multisite.

Automate cart and session clearing

You can define the session duration in minutes, hours, and days and the WooCommerce clear cart after time plugin will automatically clear the cart accordingly. For example, you can set the session duration to 1 hour which will clear any product, thus resetting the cart to zero.

Clear car and sessions

Add an empty cart button

By adding a WooCommerce empty cart button, you can allow customers to empty their carts and start shopping from the scratch. It helps them remove all the items from the cart with a click.

Clear car and sessions

Redirect customers from Cart

Clear cart WooCommerce enables you to redirect customers to the shop page or any of the custom pages after clearing the cart. Let the customers find more products, categories, deals, and discounts with redirection.

Clear car and sessions

Personalize clear cart button

Empty cart button WooCommerce plugin comes with customization options to help you mold the clear cart button in the overall cart design. You can change the color and text of the button.

Clear car and sessions


  • The WooCommerce clear cart plugin provides full control over customer carts and sessions
  • Customers can easily remove all products in the cart with just one click
  • Redirect customers to the page you want to promote


Our plugins are designed to be highly versatile and also compatible with the most commonly used themes, browsers, builders, and mobile views. We understand the importance of flexibility and integration when it comes to enhancing your website’s functionality. Our plugins can effortlessly integrate with the following:

Themes Compatibility

  • Store Front
  • Avada
  • Flatsome
  • Porto
  • Woodmart
  • WooCommerce default theme
  • Divi


  • Elementor
  • Bakery
  • Divi

Also Compatible with

  • Multi-Site
  • PHP 8
  • Mobile Layouts

Get started

  1. Purchase Clear Cart and Sessions for WooCommerce from WooCommerce.com.
  2. Download and install the extension.
  3. Activate the extension.
  4. Go to WooCommerce > Settings > Clear Cart and Session to configure the settings.
  5. Read the full installation guide here.


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