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WooCommerce Coupon Referral Program Plugin enables your customers to earn referral coupon rewards for various activities they perform on your website like sharing the referral link to sign up on your WooCommerce store. The admin can also customize the referral button using the predefined options or by applying custom CSS. On WooCommerce, “refer friend” is the new ongoing trend that you shouldn’t deprive your store of. Without a doubt, you have found the best referral plugin for WooCommerce.

You can limit the number of times a referee can redeem a referral coupon when a user will sign up using their referral link. With our latest update in the plugin, you can now place the coupon referral code on the shop page or even create a dedicated referral tab using shortcodes

WooCommerce Coupon Referral Plugin enables customers to copy the referral coupon code (or link) & share the referral link on social networking sites and through emails. Admin can now also use custom texts in the Referral Modal/ Popup window for referrals as well as in the referral tab.

Why Should You Have A Coupon Referral Program?

Referral marketing is one of the effective marketing strategies for creating a powerful customer base, improving online eCommerce store conversion rates, and improving customer loyalty.

It encourages customers to get coupon rewards for different activities they execute on the website such as sharing the referral link for signing up on your WooCommerce store. The WooCommerce referral plugin provides a discount referral coupon code to referrers and referred customers when they successfully meet the condition for reaching a discount coupon i.e., referral link sharing, signup, and sales through referrals Online Discount Coupons are offered on.

The referral system also allows users to share their referral links on social networking platforms and in their email inboxes. Thus, it will effectively spread your brand on online social media.


  • Builds a Strong Customer Base: The referral coupon code offers lucrative deals to attract more and more customers.
  • Improves Interaction & Engagement Rate: Using coupons and referral marketing together elevates the engagement and interaction rate between your business and customers.
  • Strong Customer Loyalty: This WordPress referral plugin helps you create loyal customers as the referral coupon offers to keep your customers close and connected, and in return increase customer loyalty.
  • Enhances Brand Awareness: The referral marketing approach with coupons helps you to increase your brand awareness among the potential audience.
  • Improves Customer Lifetime Value: The coupon deals keep your customers satisfied and promote their shopping interests. Thus, it helps in improving your customer lifetime value score.
  • Leverages Referral Marketing: It provides the option for referral link sharing on Facebook, Twitter, and email. This plugin promotes referral marketing tactics by collaborating with coupon marketing.
  • You Get Full Control: The admin gets control over how many WooCommerce referrals the coupon for the referee will be valid.


1. Referral Management by User Role

With this feature of the WooCommerce coupon referral program, admins can select user roles for each type of discount be it user sign up, referral user sign up, referral user sign up discount for referrer, and referral user purchase discount for referrer. The admins can leave the fields blank by default (i.e. no user roles specified). This helps the admins to segregate the discounts between users of different categories.

referral management by user roles

2. Category-Wise Include/Exclude for the Discount Coupon

The admins can also include or exclude certain categories from receiving discount coupons. For example, your website sells clothing, electronics & household items. Now you want to discount coupons to be valid only for clothing & electronics. For this, you can select these categories in the include categories field, and add the household category in the exclude categories.

include or exclude categories

3. Referral Link Redirection

The customer referral program allows the admins to take personalization to a whole new level. The admins can now decide where he wants to redirect the referral link, the possibilities are wide. The referral links can either be redirected to the shop page or the my account page or the home page.

referral link redirection

4. Set a Minimum Order Total Amount for Referral Coupon Code:

With this feature of the referral plugin, the admin can set a minimum order total amount for the referral purchase discount. The referrer will get a discount coupon when the referral purchase happens, for example:- User A refers User B. User B makes a purchase( must be greater than field value). then user B gets the coupon.

minimum order total amount for referral coupon

5. Provide Sign-Up & Referral Coupons:

Provide sign-up discount coupons to all or only to referred users when they register in your store. Or set criteria for earning the sign-up coupon i.e. your referrers can earn a discount coupon only if their friends sign-up at your store.  Reward your referrers and turn them into repeat customers by providing referral coupons until the referred users reach the total number of orders up to which referrers can earn the referral discount coupon.

6. Add Referral Dashboard Using Shortcode:

Using the given shortcode in the latest update of our Coupon Referral Program plugin, you can now display the referral dashboard on any page. You can also customize the text for the same referral dashboard.

referral dashboard

7. Place the Referral Coupon Code Anywhere On the Page:

Using the WooCommerce Referral Coupon Code plugin, you can place and display the referral promotion code for your customers anywhere on the pages of your website.

8. Customize Text in Popup Referral Window:

On popular demand, we have introduced the field in the WordPress referral plugin backend that will allow you to customize the text on the Popup Referral Window.

customize text in popup referral Window

9. Prevent Fraudulent Mails From Registering as Referees:

The WooCommerce referral code plugin allows the admin to authorize only valid email domains. Using this setting, the admin can prevent fraudulent or disposal email IDs from registering on their website as a referee.

fraudulent mails from registering

10. Limit The Number of Coupons

The Coupon Referral Program plugin brings to you the option to limit the number of coupons a referee can redeem by making WooCommerce referrals for new user signups.

referee coupon

11. Decide The Discount Amount You Want To Provide:

Specify the WP referral code amount you want to provide on sign-up and referral system purchases.

12. Set The Days To Remember The Referrer:

Enter the number of days after which referred users can’t be rewarded in your WooCommerce store.


13. Referral Coupon Type:

Decide the referral coupon type you want to provide on sign-up and referral purchases.


14. Referral Link Sharing

With the Coupon Referral Program, merchants can generate a referral link that can be easily copied to their clipboard or can be directly shared on social media platforms (like Facebook and Twitter) and email inboxes.

referral link sharing

15. Customizable Referral Button

The WooCommerce referral plugin enables you to apply animation and custom CSS to make the referral button look more captivating. It can also be customized using the predefined option in the Display Configuration (i.e. button text, color, position, and background image of the button that will be visible to guest users.)

16. Coupon Reporting

For the discount referral program, coupon reporting can be performed from the admin and customer end to acquire coupon information. Through Coupon Reporting, it’s easy to analyze coupon utilization and its effectiveness for users. Businesses can further use this report to strategize their promotional strategies better.

Admin Panel Coupon Reporting

Customer Panel Coupon Reporting

Admin can acquire complete and accurate information regarding referral coupons by clicking “Reports” visible on the admin panel. He can easily monitor details like User Name, User Email, Number of Referred Users, Total Coupon Utilization, and the Total Number of Coupons the customer may endure in his account. It will be easy to find your loyal customers as it’ll let you know who has referred how many users and the number of coupons they have used for their shopping.

Coupon insights can be executed at a broad level by the User with a single click on “Referral Coupons”. Fine details like Coupon Creation, Expiry Date, Event, and Referred Users can be presented on a single dashboard to Users. Adding to this, customers can perform coupon reporting by analyzing the total number of coupons they endure, how much coupon amount they have already utilized, and the number of users they have referred from their accounts.

17. Coupon Expiration Time:

You can set the number of days until when the coupon remains valid by using this referral system. Set ‘0’ if you want your coupon to be redeemable forever. [Note- The referral link can be used even after the inserted date has gone but the referred user won’t get any discount coupon for the same.]

18. Offer Points to All:

Enable points setting from the backend to leverage points instead of coupons in your referral marketing campaign, this helps to increase customer loyalty.


19. Pay Recurring Payments using Coupons:

Subscribers can use the coupons earned by referring others to renew their subscription plans.


20. Include/Exclude Products In the Coupon Referral Program

Select the products on which the customers will get to earn discount coupons or points and also select the products that you want to exclude from your coupon referral program.

Include/Exclude Products In Coupon Referral Program

21. Maximum and Minimum Amount For Coupon Use:

With this eCommerce referral plugin, the admin can decide the minimum and maximum amount spent on which customers will be able to redeem their referral discount coupons. The customers’ cart subtotal should be in between the maximum and minimum spend value for the discount coupon to be applicable.

Maximum and Minimum coupons

22. Referral via coupon code:

The Referral system for WooCommerce, helps the admin can allow customers (referrers) to refer via referrer code and reward referrers after the referred user uses the coupon referral code to make a purchase.

Referral via coupon

23. Display Coupon Usage Count

Admin can now display the number of times a coupon is used for easy tracking and reporting purposes. 

24. Hide Referral Coupon

By using this WooCommerce referral program the admin can enable this setting to hide the referral coupon code when the WooCommerce Points and Rewards setting is enabled.

25. Give Special First Purchase Discount

With this referral configuration feature of the Coupon Referral Program plugin, the admin can now allow additional discounts on the first referral purchase.

special discount on first purchase

26. Customize the Referral Template

The WooCommerce referral plugin allows the admin to can customize the referral template by adding the custom email template under the Display Configuration Setting.

27. Add the Referral Use Detail on the Order Edit Page

With this feature of the coupon referral program plugin, the admin can also display the name of the “referred by” user on the order edit page while making a referral purchase.

28. Export CSV:

With this latest feature update of our Referral Program plugin, you can get an option to export and download all the data in a CSV file. The option is available in the referral tab of the report section.

export csv

29. Refer a Friend From the Product Page

This eCommerce referral plugin gives you a feature that allows you to refer a friend to the product from the page itself. On the product page, there is the option of referring a friend. By clicking on it you can share the referral link of the page with your friend on social media platforms

refer a friend from product page

30. Referral Reminder Email to the User

The admin can send an email reminder to the user by using this feature. The option is available in the referral tab of the report section.

referral reminder

31. Allow Coupon Configuration Setting Applicable for the Referral Coupon Code

The admin has the option to limit the number of coupons a referee can share by using the referral code. By enabling this setting you can limit the number of coupons a user can share for getting a discount on their purchases.

allow coupon configuration Setting

32. Discount on the nth Referral Sign-up

With this WooCommerce referral program, you can provide the nth referral sign-up to the user. By clicking on the discount on the nth referral sign-up option you can set the number of signs up you want to provide coupons to the referee.

discount on the referral sign-up

33. Send the Referral Email to Multiple Users

The eCommerce referral plugin allows the admin to send multiple emails to users by using this feature. The referee can now send multiple emails at a time by adding the emails by using this option.

referral multiple mail

Some More Popular Features

  • Add the Order ID in the Table for Referral Purchase: The coupon reports now have the section to identify the order id for each referral purchase completed in-store.
  • Select Pages Where Referral Button Can Appear: The referral button can appear on multiple pages. You only need to select the pages where you want to display the button. You can also use the shortcode [crp_popup_button] for the same.
  • General Coupon Setting: Store owners can specify coupon length and prefix.
  • Create Restriction on Coupon Usage: Individual use of discount coupons can be initiated which means the same coupon can’t be used in conjunction with other coupons. Moreover, the number of times the same coupon can be used can also be fixed.

Compatibilities and Benefits

1. WooCommerce Points and Rewards:

The Coupon Referral Program is now compatible with WooCommerce Points and Rewards. Admin can reward their customers with points on referral signup and purchase if they don’t wish to provide coupons. It provides the reward points set by the WooCommerce store owner on referral sign-up and purchases.


  • Provide points to reward referrals.
  • Increases your customers’ interest in your business.
  • Promotes the use of points along with coupons
  • Helps to increase customer loyalty

Note: Admin can’t use coupons and points at the same time to reward their customers. Along with this, they should have the WooCommerce Points and Rewards plugin in their store, if they wish to use this feature.

2. WooCommerce Subscription:

With the increasing demand of users, Coupon Referral Program now provides compatibility with WooCommerce Subscription.

Now, customers can avail of the coupons they endure in their account (earned by referring) for the renewal of their subscription orders. Admin can select whether they want to allow customers to apply single or all referral coupon codes for the renewal of their subscription. This compatibility update can be leveraged only if marketers enable the WooCommerce Subscription option from the settings.

The admin can also utilize the feature, where he can enable/disable for first renewable only. After enabling this feature, the coupon will be applied on the first renewal.  

There is a separate set of settings for “free trial subscription” products. The admin can enable or disable this setting as per the requirements. After enabling the settings, the user can get the discount coupon on the first recurring payment after the free trial gets over.


  • Customers can use coupons to renew their subscription orders.
  • Increases the utilization of coupons in customers’ life.
  • Admin can attract more users to his e-store.

For More Information:

Visit the Coupon Referral Program Documentation to learn more about the features and working of the plugin. If you need support or have questions, kindly submit your query.

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