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Coupon Referral Program

Attract and reward customers with a Coupon Referral Program.

  • Add a referral program to your WooCommerce store with the Coupon Referral Program extension
  • Use referral marketing to increase customer acquisition, engagement, and revenues
  • Offer customers rewards for sharing coupons and links
  • Offer IP restrictions for admins to prevent fraudulent activities while signing up or registrations.
  • Customize your referral program with multiple options and features


Customers can track their rewards, points, or coupons on their own user dashboards. Admins can track their customer referral programs through reports generated via the Admin panel. Admins can export and download program data in CSV files.

Compatible with WooCommerce Points and Rewards and WooCommerce Subscriptions—admins can reward customers with points and allow them to pay for subscriptions with their rewards.

Extensive customization options include the appearance of graphic elements, text in pop-up windows, placement of the coupons and links in various store locations, coupon types, discount amounts, expiration dates, and the number of coupons. Admins can exclude products from promotions and set minimum and maximum coupon values.

Share links
Admins can create referral codes and links that customers can share easily. Customers can share codes via emails, text messages, and social media.

Admins can communicate with customers via email to promote their programs and remind them to use their coupons.


Engage customers
Allow your customers to become part of your success by rewarding them for promoting your store. As they enjoy their rewards, their loyalty to your store and products will increase.

Increase revenue
Loyal customers lead to customer retention, enthusiasm, and sales growth.

Brand growth
Customer-driven promotion increases brand awareness.

Prevent Fraudulent

prevent fraudulent

Referral management

referral management by user roles

minimum order total amount for referral coupon

referral dashboard

Referral options

referral link sharing

allow coupon configuration Setting

Remind users to refer friends

referral multiple mail

Visit Coupon Referral Program Documentation to learn more. If you need support or have questions contact us.

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