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Coupon Referral Program


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Coupon Referral Program for WooCommerce by WP Swings is an extension that is mainly to install a referral program on your site and share discount coupons as a reward. The referral user will earn a discount coupon when they sign-up on your store and the users will earn a discount coupon when the referred users place an order.


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  1. Download the .zip file of the Coupon Referral Program from your WooCommerce Account.
  2. Go to the WordPress Admin > Plugins > Add New and Upload Plugin with the file you downloaded with Choose File.
  3. Install Now and Activate the extension.


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To configure the WordPress Coupon plugin, click on WooCommerce→ Settings from the left-hand menu, then the top tab “Referrals”. You will see sub-sections there as General, Referral Configuration, Sign up Discount, Coupon configuration, Display configuration, Reports, Help and support.

General Settings

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general settings

  • Enable/Disable Plugin: This checkbox must be enabled for using the features of this Coupon Referral Program extension.
  • Referral Key Length: Enter the length of the Referral Key.
  • Set Days to Remember Referrals: Enter the number of days after which the referral program will not recognize any referred users even after they visit your store via a referral link.

Refer Via Referral Code

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  • Enable/Disable: Allow customers to referrer their knowns with a referral coupon code.
  • Select The Discount Type: Choose the referral discount value type as Fixed or Percentage.
  • Discount Amount: Admin can set a discount value for the referral code.

Social Sharing

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Enable/Disable Social Sharing: Allow customers to use social networks for promoting referral links.
Social Sharing Options: Admin can enable social sharing on Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter, and Email.

Note: If you click the Email button, the default email application of your system will be opened for emailing the referral link. You can add your custom email template under this setting.

Referral Configuration

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referee configuration


Referral Signup Discount For Referee

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  • Enable/Disable Discount: Allow your referred users to earn discount coupons on signup.
  • Enter Discount for Referee: Enter the discount value for discount coupons that will be offered to referred users.
  • Referral Discount Type: Select referral discount value type as Fixed or Percentage.

 Note: If the set discount value is 10 and the discount type is set as Fixed, then the referee will receive a discount coupon of 10$ on signup. Or if the discount type is set as Percentage, then the referee will receive a discount coupon of 10% on signup.

Referral Configuration

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  • Enable Discount Coupon On Referral Purchase:  Enable customers (referrers) to get discount coupons on referral purchases.
  • Enable Special Discount Coupon on First Referral Purchase: Enable this setting to allow the special discount coupon on first referral purchase to your customers.
  • Maximum Number For Referral Orders: Select the maximum number of orders required to be placed by referred users on which the referral discount coupon will be rewarded to the referrer. 
  • Referral Purchase Discount Amount Type: Select the referral purchase discount value type as Fixed or Percentage.
  • Referral Purchase Discount: Select the referral Purchase discount coupon value.
  • Referral Purchase Discount Type: The referee will get the selected coupon type on the referral purchase.
  • First Referral Purchase Discount: Enter the discount value you want to give your customers, who have referred other users on your site. This discount is applicable on the first referral purchase only.
  • Referee Gets Coupon: You can enter the number of coupons a referee can redeem with the referral for a new sign up of a customer or a reader

Note: If the set discount value is 10 and the discount type is set as Fixed, then the referrer will receive a discount coupon of 10$ on referral purchases. Or if the discount type is set as Percentage, then the referrer will receive a discount coupon of 10% on referral purchases.

Referee Gets Coupon

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Number of times referee gets coupon on new user joining: Use this setting to limit the number of coupons a referee can redeem by making WooCommerce referrals for new user signups.

Signup Discount

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sign up discount

  • Enable/Disable Discount: Admin can enable users to earn a discount coupon on signup.
  • Select Users: Admin can allow a discount coupon on signup to “All users” or “Only Referred” Users.
  • Enter Discount: Set a discount value for signup discount coupons.
  • Signup Coupon Type: Select the discount type for the set discount value.

Note: If you have set the discount value as 10 and selected the Fixed discount type, then the users will get a discount coupon of 10 dollars. But if you have selected the discount type as Percentage, then the users will get a signup discount coupon of 10% on signup.

Coupon Configuration

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coupon configuration

  • Individual Use Of Coupon: Admin can restrict the use of referral reward coupons in conjunction with other discount coupons.
  • Free Shipping: Admin can also offer free shipping coupons to users. A free shipping method must be enabled in your shipping zone and must be set to “require a valid free shipping coupon”.
  • Exclude Sales Items: Admin can restrict the use of discount coupons on items that are on sale. Per-item coupons will only work if the item is not on sale. Per-cart coupons will only work if there are items in the cart that are not on sale.
  • Enter Coupon Length: Choose the length of your discount coupon code.
  • Coupon Expire Days:  Select the days after which the discount coupons will not be applicable.
  • No. of Times A Coupon Can Be Used: Admin can decide the number of times a discount coupon can be redeemed.
  • Add Prefix on Coupon: Admin can add a prefix of their choice on their coupon codes.
  • Minimum Spend: Set the minimum spend limit on which discount coupons can be applied by the user.
  • Maximum Spend: Set the maximum spend limit on which discount coupons can be applied by the user.
  • Include products: Select the products that you want to include in your coupon referral program.
  • Exclude Products: Select the products that you want to exclude from your coupon referral program.

Display Configuration

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display configuration

  • Enable/Disable: Admin can enable the referral program pop-up button on their store.   
  • Enable/Disable Animation: Enable this checkbox if you want animation over the referral button. 
  • Button Text: Admin can edit the display text on the Referral Program Button.
  • Button Color: Select a color scheme for the referral program button.
  • Custom CSS: Admin can use custom CSS to change the appearance of the referral program button according to their choice. Also, the admin can add the custom template code, here, for the custom referral link template.
  • Select Position: Admin can decide the position of the referral pop-up button and use this shortcode [crp_popup_button] to display the pop-up button anywhere on their WooCommerce store. 
  • Select Pages: Admin can select pages of the store on which they want to display the referral program button. 
  • Pop-up Image: Admin can set the referral program pop-up image. 
  • Short Code For Referral Link: [crp_referral_link]
  • Use this shortcode for the referral link: Using the given shortcode: [crp_referral_link], you can display the referral link anywhere as per your convenience.
  • Use this shortcode for the referral code: Using the given shortcode: [crp_referral_code], you can now display the referral code anywhere on your WooCommerce pages as per your convenience.
  • Use this shortcode for the referral tab: Using the given shortcode: [crp_referral_tab], you can now display all your referral codes in a dedicated WooCommerce referrals tab on any page.
  • Referral Tab Text: Under this setting, you can customize the text that would appear in the referral tab on your frontend.
  • Signup Popup text: Using this setting, you can customize the text that appears on the modal window by clicking the “Referral Program” button on the frontend. NOTE: If you leave this field blank, default popup text will be displayed in the popup window as shown below.
    custom popup text

Prevent Fraudulent 

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  • Enable/Disable: Using this setting, you can enable email restrictions for disposable emails. 
  • Add allow email domains for signup: You can mention all the email domains you want to allow sign-ups for, separated by a comma. This assists you in preventing disposal emails from signing up on your WooCommerce store

prevent fraudulent

Referral Report

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After the successful installation and activation of the Coupon Referral Program, a new section named Referrals will be added to the WooCommerce Reports where the admin can see the performance of their referral program.

 The referrals report includes the coupon referred details like – 

  • Name of the Referrer
  • User Email
  • Referred Users
  • Total Utilization
  • No. of Coupons

Further, you can also check the coupon details by clicking on “View Coupon Details”.

referral report

This report shows the following details:

  • Coupon
  • The date on which the Coupon was created
  • Coupon expiry date
  • Event
  • Referred Users
  • Usage Count

WooCommerce Points & Rewards

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Points and Rewards

The coupon Referral Program can be integrated with the WooCommerce Points & Rewards, the plugin that allows the admin to offer points instead of coupons as referral rewards on referral sign up, referral purchase, and referee sign up.

  • Enable/Disable: Enable offering points instead of discount coupons.
  • Enter Bonus Points for Referral Signup: Admin can offer reward points to the referrers when their referred users complete the signup process.
  • Enter Points For Referral Purchase: Enable referrers to earn reward points when their referred users make purchases.
  • Enable Referral Signup Points For The Referee: Enable the referred users to earn reward points upon completing the signup process.
  • Enable/Disable: Admin can choose to hide the coupon referral section in the front end.

For example: If this setting is disabled, then the front-end would look similar to that in the image below.

woocommerce Points and rewards enabled

If the WooCommerce Points and Rewards is enabled with this setting then the coupons will not be visible on the frontend (as shown in the image below)

woocommerce subscription settings

WooCommerce Subscription

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The coupon Referral Program is compatible with the WooCommerce Subscription plugin to reward the subscribers of your store. 

WooCommerce Subscriptions

  • Enable/Disable: Admin can allow customers to apply referral coupons for renewing product subscriptions. 
  • Apply Coupons: There are two different methods to apply the coupon to the renewal of recurring payments.
    1. All Coupons: Admin can allow customers to use all types of coupons for product subscription renewals.
    2. Allow Customer to Choose: Admin can allow customers to redeem a selected coupon for the renewal of their subscription products.

To start the subscription on their store, firstly you need to create a subscription product.

WooCommerce Subscriptions1

After successfully purchasing the subscription product, your customers can apply the coupons on the renewal order under the subscription.

Click on the ‘Apply Coupon’ button, your customer will be able to apply the coupons for the recurring payment.


The popup window of available coupons will be displayed when the admin allows single usage of the coupon for the recurring payments otherwise all the coupons apply automatically.


This popup window allows the customer to select the number of coupons that they want to apply to their recurring payment.

How this Referral Coupon Plugin Works

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Coupon Referral Program for WooCommerce creates a referral program on your online store. Rewarding the referrer and referring customers with online discount coupons. Coupon Referral Program plugin provides discount coupons on two actions:

  1. Signup Coupons
  2. Referral Purchase
  • Signup Coupons: When new or referred customers complete the signup process on your store then they get a Signup discount coupon.
  • Referral Coupons: The referrer receives the referral discount coupon, when the referred user registers, places an order, and the order status is marked as completed. 

For Example, Customer A shares the referral link with customer B. When customer B registers via the referral link, customer B will get the signup discount coupon/points/code. After the registration, whenever customer B places an order and that order status is marked as completed then Customer A will get a referral discount coupon.

To use the referral program, customers have to click on the “Referral Program” button, they’ll see a screen similar as shown below:

How the Plugin Works

If the customer’s Login, then this screen will get changed:

How the Plugin Works1

Customers can share referral links from the My Account page:



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Q 1: Till how many numbers orders placed will be giving our customer the “Discount Coupon”?
You can easily set this by visiting “WooCommerce > Settings > Referrals > General Referrals > Required no of Orders”.

Q 2: Can my users share his/her Referral Link to Facebook?
Yes, of course, Please go to the “WooCommerce > Settings > Referrals > Social Sharing > Enable Settings.

Q 3: Can the Referred User will get something just on Registration/Sign Up?
Yes, If the setting has been enabled “WooCommerce > Settings > Referrals > Sign Up Discount > Enable Settings ” then your all customers would be rewarded with the discount coupon.

Q 4: I use the Referral Link and register one new customer with that but still the Referee is not rewarded with any of the discount Coupons, Am I missing something?
Please make sure the newly registered user must have placed the order too, only then Referee will get the discount coupon.


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