Automate Customer Support with Facebook Messenger Chat

Automate customer support with the WooCommerce chatbot plugin. The Chatbot engages customers with predefined queries and options to suggest the best possible replies.

Greet your customers with round-the-clock customer support and search assistance. Set multiple options with replies in text, URLs, or postbacks, that determine more responses. Conditional postbacks or blocks narrow down customers’ queries and produce an absolute answer. The conversational flow simplifies customer support.

Enable search in Chat to provide customers with the product, category, or posts they search for. Continue generating leads and conversions without recruiting additional staff to answer simple customer queries. Encourage customers to use the Chatbot on all store pages, shop, home, or single-product pages.

Connecting the associated Facebook page helps you review business chats later.


  • Automates customer support with Chat
  • Chat replies in text, URLs, or postback form
  • Set up to three postback replies (Facebook allows three)
  • Send images in initial chat messages
  • Write default Chatbot messages with titles
  • Create conditional questions as auto-replies
  • Enable product, category, or post search in Chat
  • Show Chat bubble on shop, home, or single-product pages
  • Connect your Facebook business page
  • Change the connected Facebook page when needed

Automate customer support

Chatbot WooCommerce allows customers to use their Facebook accounts to join automated chatrooms for customer support. Connecting with their Facebook accounts saves customers time. They can quickly ask questions or get help finding a specific product.

Facebook Messenger Chatbot for WooCommerce

Three different forms of Chat replies

You can define Chat replies in three different forms: text, URL, or blocks. Blocks or postbacks are a series of questions to help customers narrow down their queries and get the correct answers.

Facebook Chatbot Messenger for WooCommerce


Configure three different Chat blocks

Chatbot for WooCommerce helps you configure up to three Chat blocks or postbacks for conditional replies. A postback asks questions with multiple answers provided. It’s easy for customers to reply. When a customer chooses a reply, an automated response appears. Facebook allows setting up to three postbacks.

Facebook Messenger Chatbot for WooCommerce

Send images in initial messages

Enable quick initial messages to ensure prompt customer support. You can add an image to engage customers. You can customize the title of the initial message.

Facebook Messenger Chatbot for WooCommerce

Customize default Chatbot message

WooCommerce messenger bot enables the admin to write a custom default message to display when a suitable reply to a customer’s message is not available.

Facebook Messenger Chatbot for WooCommerce

Create conditional replies

When you ask a customer a question, you can also provide them with multiple answers to choose from. These conditional replies allow you to have a final response ready.

Facebook Chatbot Messenger for WooCommerce


Enable search in Chat

Allow your customers to search for a product, category, or post by entering a key term in the Chat. The Chatbot will return with a matching result or a default message.

Facebook Chatbot Messenger for WooCommerce


Highlight FB Chat on multiple pages

Place the WooCommerce Facebook chatbot bubble on all or selected pages of your store.

  • All pages
  • Shop pages
  • Home pages
  • Single-product pages

Facebook Messenger Chatbot for WooCommerce

Connect a Facebook business page

WooCommerce Facebook messenger bot enables you to easily connect your Facebook page with a store’s website by entering the verify token and a callback URL provided by the plugin.

Facebook Messenger Chatbot for WooCommerce

Change the Facebook Chat page

Edit Chat Page helps you quickly change the Facebook handle of your business.



Minimum PHP version: 5.2


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