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MYOB Integration

by  OPMC
Automatically create products, customers and invoices in MYOB AccountRight from your WooCommerce stores.

Banner of MYOB Integration for WooCommerce customers: Have you been impacted by the OneSaas decision to end MYOB / WooCommerce integration? Please contact us directly to see how we can help.

What is MYOB?

MYOB AccountRight is a powerful accounting suite used by businesses throughout Australia and New Zealand. It allows you to manage stock, invoices, taxes and much more. Learn more about MYOB AccountRight.

The MYOB Integration for Woocommerce plugin connects your WooCommerce stores with MYOB AccountRight to synchronise and integration product, customer, and inventory information.  The plugin is designed for WooCommerce stores based in New Zealand and Australia.

Our major features

MYOB Integration plugin allows you to automatically create invoices, customers, manage stock, taxes and much more in MYOB AccountRight direct from your WooCommerce store. 

The plugin supports the following features:

  • Create invoices automatically into MYOB AccountRight
  • Easily document your taxes, shipping costs and other expenses in one, secure place 
  • Automatic respective synchronisation of data between platforms
  • Inventory tracking and maintenance
  • Automatic and manual invoice handling options
  • Tax codes for easy GST handling
  • Detailed customer data and management
  • Analyse sales with customer data- great for determining pain points 
  • Manage stock and inventory through invoice count

Streamline your business’s accounting process

Spend less time accounting and more time focusing on growing your Ecommerce business. MYOB for WooCommerce reduces the amount of time you spend analysing, handling and processing your WooCommerce store order data. 

The plugin keeps all of your store’s invoices in one place so you can;

  • Stay on top of business expenses – Easily document and record taxes, shipping costs and other expenses so you can focus on more crucial tasks.
  • View, sort and manage customer data – MYOB for WooCommerce generates invoices for all of your customers, which can aid you in analysing and measuring sales.

Easy, hassle-free integration

Syncing your MYOB AccountRight software with WooCommerce is easy! All you need is a special password (or API key). Our plugin then takes care of the rest.

Learn more about installation and setup byreading our documentation.

MYOB Integration – New Feature Release 4.1

  • Recently we had feedback from customers who were experiencing issues with Batch Size and the Import/Export functionality when working with large product inventories. We have updated the plugin to now include the feature which allows you merchants to enter a batch size for to ensure ease of synching products from MYOB to WooCommerce.


MYOB For WooCommerce Plugin – New Feature Release 4.1

Automatic Product Sync – Cron job for continuous sync

MYOB Integration for WooCommerce runs stock synchronisations automatically and now merchants have the option to configure the number of days between cron jobs.

Secure Integration – Additional fields added for company files

When using MYOB AccountRight the Company Files contain secure data. MYOB users are required to log into the online system and then also Company File, which adds a layers of security. MYOB users are now able to configure their username and password for the company file.

Create MYOB Entry only after successful payment

Manage orders which are synced to MYOB based on Order status. The plugin creates entries in MYOB trigged by a change in order status. This means only orders where payments are successful will be synced, avoiding confusion where payments may show as ‘pending’.

Sync between WooCommerce and MYOB AccountRight?

We’ve had a lot of questions recently about this plugin synchronisation services. One of the main features of the plugin is synchronisation of products and invoices across both systems. 

  • Does the plugin sync stock?
  • How does it sync?
  • Does the plugin sync products?
  • Does it sync both ways?
  • What exactly does it sync?

Yes! this plugin supports stock and products sync between MYOB and WooCommerce. 

Sync MYOB AccountRight Orders with WooCommerce

WooCommerce MYOB integration allows you to integrate your WooCommerce store’s order information within MYOB AccountRight. When someone makes a purchase from your store, the plugin generates an invoice using their details and order information. Then it immediately loads the invoice into MYOB AccountRight.

Stock Sync

MYOB integration for WooCoomerce offers extensive stock-sync support. When items are configured, they can be set up as “inventoried” or not. If they are inventoried, stock counts will automatically be updated in MYOB when purchases are made. WooCommerce maintains its own counter that can be updated by the Merchant for all products by clicking a single button.

If a customer purchases a product in WooCommerce that has not been configured in MYOB, the plugin will automatically create an appropriate product record in MYOB so that the sale can be accurately tracked.

MYOB remains the “source of truth” for all inventory information, ensuring that your accounting data remains accurate.

Enhanced Customer Management

When a new customer purchases something on WooCommerce, the plugin automatically creates a customer record in MYOB, allowing you to easily track the purchasing from each client.

Itemized Invoices

The plugin generates fully itemized invoices, allowing you to better track sales in MYOB and also to support full inventory tracking.


Premium support is just a message away!

When you purchase MYOB for WooCommerce, you gain access to a year of premium support. Our team can help you with any part of the process, from installation to managing your data


Who is this plugin for?

Small online stores:

Perhaps you have a small store that sells specific niche products, or maybe you have a small online store to sell your company’s products on. Regardless of the size of your store, MYOB for WooCommerce can improve your accounting efficiency.

Dropshipping store owners:

If you manage a dropshipping store, MYOB for Woocommerce can help you manage costs, profits, tax and more. When paired with plugins like WooCommerce Dropshipping, you can save hours of time every day when it comes to managing a dropshipping store.

Digital download stores:

Whether you sell software, plugins, themes or other media such as movies or images, MYOB for WooCommerce can help you keep track of your sales, taxes and more.

Please note – Product Variations are not supported. We are working on this feature, to make item variations easier to integrate.

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