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Product Availability Slots for WooCommerce lets you sell limited-time products during fixed time slots in your WooCommerce shop.

Using this plugin, it’s easy to sell products on specific days at specific time-slots. Offering products on a limited time can create a sense of urgency which can trigger the user to make the purchase right away.


  • Works for both Simple and Variable Products.
  • Product purchase can be restricted to a specific date range, specific days of the week, and specific time slot each day.
  • Schedule multiple time slots for each day, and restrict the number of products that can be sold during any one time slot.
  • Restrict product purchasing capability to specific users or user roles.
  • Display a countdown timer to highlight product purchase availability end date and time and the next available date and time.
  • Option to configure product availability slots in bulk using the Bulk Update option.
  • Days off can be configured for individual products
  • Option to stop sales for all the products in a single click
  • Option to hide Expired/Non-Purchasable products
  • Option to hide timezone details on the product page
  • Option to allow selected set of users to purchase the product(s) anytime even when the product is configured to be purchased at specific time period.
  • Customizable messages.
  • Translation ready.

How do you set up and Manage Product Availability Slots for WooCommerce?

  • For Simple Products, the settings will be available in a separate section named “Product Availability Slots”.
  • Create a new product or edit an existing product.
  • For Variable Products, the settings can be found in each variation.
  • Enable the Product Availability Slots checkbox.
  • If you want to restrict the product purchase only to days of the week, then in Availability Type option, set the value as “Unlimited Days”.
  • If you want to restrict the product purchase to a specific date range, then in Availability Type option, set the value as “Limited Days”.
  • Set the Start and End Time for the days in which you want to sell the product.
  • You can also configure multiple time-slots for a single day. To add additional time slots, click the the “Add Slot” button.
  • Your Users can purchase the products only within the specified time. Outside the specified time, a notice will be displayed about the next available date.


What your Users will See?

Once Configured, the product will be available for purchase at the specified time slots.

Outside the specified time slot, the Add to Cart button will be hidden for the product and product’s next available date will be displayed.


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