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Quotes for WooCommerce Pro

Empower customers to request price quotes effortlessly. Enable quote requests based on user roles, product categories, product variations, stock availability, and beyond.

  • Allow customers to request price quotes for products and product variations
  • Add a request quote button to product pages
  • Automatically respond to quote requests

The Quotes for WooCommerce Pro extension enables customers to submit quotation requests following the familiar WooCommerce order process effortlessly.

Admins can respond to quote requests by email including purchase links for customers.


  • Enable quotes for selected products
  • Hide product prices for quotable products
  • Enable quote requests based on user roles
  • Include/Exclude products for quotes based on product categories
  • Take quotation requests and WooCommerce orders simultaneously
  • Automatically enable quotes for out-of-stock products.
  • Automatically send quotation emails
  • Effortlessly convert quotes to orders
  • Setup quotes for variations
  • Attach documents to quotation emails
  • Dedicated pages for quotation requests and WooCommerce quotes for streamlined management
  • Quick and seamless integration with your Woo store

Enable simultaneous quote requests and orders

Enable the Request Quote form with a single click. This adds a Request Quote button on single product pages and the standard WooCommerce Add to Cart button.

With both buttons available, customers can make quotation requests and purchase products simultaneously.

request quote button

request quote page

Take quotations for back-ordered products

Set up Quotes for WooCommerce Pro to automatically enable quotes for a product as soon as the stock quantity reaches zero. Reach out to the user when the product is back in stock with a quotation email.

out of stock quote

Effortlessly manage wholesale and retail customers

Cater to wholesale and retail customers by enabling quotations based on user roles. The extension allows you to replace the Add to Cart button with the Request Quote button based on user roles.

You can enable wholesale customer quotes while allowing retail users to place a normal WooCommerce order for the same products.

user role based quotes

Include/Exclude products for quotes based on categories

Effortlessly tailor your quoting process by including or excluding products based on categories. Streamline your workflow and provide customized quotes with ease.

product category quotation

Automatically send quotation emails to customers

Setup a fixed interval, from when requests are received to send quote emails.
Modify and set up the quote prices in that duration. The extension will send the email to the customer at that time.

Convert quote requests to WooCommerce orders using a single click

Effortlessly convert quotation requests from the Request Quote page into WooCommerce orders with a single click.
Tailor, adjust, and finalize prices at your convenience, either before or after conversion. Send the quotation email and seamlessly receive payments.


  • End users can submit quotation requests with minimal clicks and minimal required information, enhancing user satisfaction.
  • Convert quotation requests to WooCommerce orders effortlessly with just a single click, saving time and effort.
  • Enable quotations based on specific user roles, product stock, variations and more offering tailored pricing and options to different customer groups.

Upcoming features

  • Display prices for quote products based on user roles
  • Quote statistics to analyze conversions, most requested products, and more
  • Follow-up email reminders

Join our family of 3000+ delighted users and experience the difference!”

  • Enjoy unparalleled support
  • Streamline your quotation and order management process
  • Take orders for out of stock products without any manual intervention
  • Receive email notifications for a quote request in real-time

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