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Save Cart Later

Visitors can save their carts, this enables you to skyrocket conversions & prevent cart abandonment resulting in cart enhancement.


The Save Cart Later plugin allows shoppers to save their cart products for later purchases in the Save Later list without removing them entirely from the cart page. The one-click cart saver option is available for both guests and logged-in users. It is a kind of cart enhancer that allows store owners to reduce their cart abandonment rate.

Here is what makes it the best save cart for later WooCommerce plugin: 

  • The users will now also get a chance to make different carts for different kinds of products with the WooCommerce multiple cart functionality. 
  • It provides customers an opportunity to save their favorite products within the cart page instead of removing them entirely from the cart in the save later list.
  • Provides cart optimizer functionality to guests and logged-in users.
  • The users can utilize the WooCommerce save and share cart feature to save & share the cart with someone else for payment. The user will be able to share the entire cart including the “Applied Coupons” on the purchased items.      
  • Save Cart for Buy Later allows the admin to send email reminders to the users for their saved carts.
  • Permit admin to provide one-click cart save option product and category-wise.
  • It allows guest users to save their favorite products for a specific time duration.
  • Creates a separate section for all the saved products within the cart page.
  • It consists of a fully customizable button that can be modified to meet the brand theme.

Why Choose Save Cart Later?

The average shopping cart abandonment rate is around 70% globally. The cart abandonment rates have been increasing over the past 5 years, and it proves that e-store owners need a shopping cart optimizer tool, i.e. Woo Save Cart Later by WP Swings, for better business results. Save Cart Later is a WooCommerce cart enhancement plugin that helps you enhance your sales results without going through the cart abandonment situation. It does cart optimization such that your users don’t have to remove their favorite products from the cart page.


Benefits of Save Cart

  • Get save cart later product count in the backend when the user saves any product
  • Cart enhancement for better usability
  • Shoppers don’t need to search and add products to the cart repeatedly
  • Removed products don’t go from users’ sight
  • Provides a convenient shopping experience
  • Save the product and keep it ready for checkout
  • Improves brand identity and conversion rates
  • Increases customer satisfaction
  • Facilitates WooCommerce cart enhancement
  • Reduces shopping cart abandonment rates
  • Customers can share a cart with someone else for payment
  • Use a shortcode to show the list of products saved to save cart later from the cart
  • Advanced Product Variants and product vendors for WooCommerce are compatible with Save Cart Later.
  • Send clients a cart abandonment email notification about their saved carts.
  • The WooCommerce save for later plugin at Product Single Page functionality works as WooCommerce Wishlist

Features of Save Cart later

1. Save For Later Count

This feature enables the admin to keep track of all products that the customers are saving for later. They get the headcount of these items, which helps them understand the customer behavioral pattern and strategize accordingly.

2. Save Whole Cart 

The Save Whole Cart feature allows customers to save the entire cart in one go, they will just have to click on the “Save Whole Cart” button on the Cart Page. This feature eliminates the tedious process of selecting one item at a time to save for later. 

3. Dynamic Messages 

WooCommerce cart enhancement plugin enables the admins to customize the different “save cart messages or notifications” as per their requirements. For example, admins can customize the message for the save cart later button on a single page, and for cart page, and other such messages can now be changed. 

4. Rename Cart & Delete Cart

These features have taken customer convenience to the next level, making customization the prime aspect. Customers can now change the name of their carts from the My Account section just by clicking on the “Rename Cart” button. Similarly, if the customer wishes to delete the saved cart, they can do so by clicking on the “delete cart” button, which will delete the cart entirely. The admins can also change the color and the names of these buttons dynamically, as per their requirements.

5. Multiple Cart Feature  

The multiple cart feature enables the customers to have multiple carts for different types of products. The admin just has to enable the feature from the backend for it to work. 

For example, your customer wants a separate cart for clothing, skincare, and fragrances. He can now have it with complete ease. 

6. Send Saved Cart Reminders

Save Cart Later for WooCommerce allows store owners to send email reminders to users regarding their saved carts according to the time period of their choice.

7. Customer Can Share a Cart with Someone Else for Payment

WooCommerce Save Cart Later facilitates store owners to allow their customers to save & share the cart with items to someone to complete the payment process. With the enhancement of this feature, the user can share the cart with their friends and family with the “Applied Coupon”. For Example, the customer has a discount coupon of 20% applied to his cart, and he then goes on to share this cart. The cart with the applied discount items will also be shared. 

8. Use a Shortcode to Show the List of Products

Use a shortcode in the backend to show your users the list of products they have decided to save for later.

9. Provide Save Product Functionality

Using the save cart later plugin, store owners can provide their users with the facility to save it for later, and cart products will remain in the cart for future purchases.

10. Authorizes Guest User Selection

Store owners can decide whether they want to allow their guest users to save their cart products or not. They can also select when the selected item for guest users will be visible on the cart page.

11. Fully-Customizable Button

Store owners can customize the save cart later button as per their liking, i.e., they can customize the button color, text color, and content to match their brand.

12. Filter Product-Wise & Category-Wise

Store owners can select the product and category on which they want to show the save cart later button.

13. Selection For Not Showing

Admin can select the products on which they don’t want to display the save cart later button.

14. Move All Saved Items To the Cart

Admin can allow their customers to move all the saved products back to the main cart in one click to complete their shopping.

Point Of Consideration- If the admin doesn’t select any of the functionalities present in the “Product Settings” then it’ll work for all by default i.e. the save cart later button will appear on all products and categories.

Technical Points From Developers Table

Save Cart Later facilitates WooCommerce cart enhancement for store owners to provide cart optimizer functionality to their customers/guest users. It does cart optimization by creating a separate section within the cart page for all the favorite products that buyers want to purchase later. The Woo Save for Later feature helps guest users save their cart products for a length of time (i.e., the admin can decide for how many days, weeks, months, or years he wants to display the saved products to guest users on the cart page). Admin can offer the one-click cart saver option product-wise or category-wise and can also select the products they don’t want to get displayed with the same option.

Compatibilities and Benefits

1. WooCommerce Subscription

We are finally caving to the demand of many users. Save Cart Later now provides compatibility for both WooCommerce Subscription and Subscription for WooCommerce by WP Swings.

With these compatibility features the users can save their subscription-based products to their cart as well. This compatibility update can be leveraged only if marketers enable the WooCommerce Subscription option from the settings.


  • Customers can use this feature to add subscription-based products to the cart
  • Increases the utilization of the “Save Cart Later” feature 
  • Attract more customers to your store 

2. Advanced Product Variation For WooCommerce

Save Cart Later provides compatibility with Advanced Product Variation for WooCommerce. With this compatibility update, customers can save their product as an individual variation and leverage the benefits of having variations in their products.


  • Admin can earn more profits.
  • Products of vendors can be saved by the customers which will eventually help them to reduce their cart abandonment rate.
  • Customers can save the products they want without restrictions.

3. Product Vendor For WooCommerce

Save Cart Later now provides compatibility with Product Vendors for WooCommerce. With this compatibility update, admin can transform their website into a multi-vendor store and leverage the benefit of having a multi-vendor marketplace. Not only this, but the admin can also allow his customers to save products from different vendors along with the products he sells.


  • Admin can earn more profits.
  • Products of vendors can be saved by the customers which will eventually help them to reduce their cart abandonment rate.
  • Customers can save the products they want without restrictions.

4. HPOS (High-Performance Order Storage)

Save Cart Later is compatible with WooCommerce High-Performance Order Storage (HPOS), an easy-to-understand and solid database structure that uses an alternative storage mechanism for Order Tables to ensure the smooth workflow of your WooCommerce Store.


  • HPOS can make your store up to 1.5 times faster for customers
  • Makes your platform efficient, where you can seamlessly utilize all the features of Save Cart Later

For More Information:

Visit the Save Cart Later Documentation to learn more about the features and working of the plugin. If you need support or have questions, kindly submit your query.

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