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Shop as a Customer for WooCommerce

Developed by FmeAddons
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Shop as a Customer for WooCommerce

Developed by FmeAddons

Use your online shop as a customer to create orders on behalf of your people who are unable to do their own shopping. The Shop as a Customer extension for WooCommerce lets you access the front end of your store as one of your customers. Collect order details from via phone and email and create an order on their behalf to increase conversions among customers who are less tech-savvy. Use it to test new features, or to see what your shoppers are seeing. Switch between the customer and admin view modes as needed.


  • Create orders on behalf of customers
  • Record orders you take on the phone, email, etc.
  • Use the store as a customer
  • Switch between user and admin mode easily

Shop as any customer

Shop as a Customer for WooCommerce displays a list of all your customers, so you can switch to any customer easily and create an order for them.

Shop as a Customer

View customer orders and profiles

Select any customer from the list to see their profile and orders.

Shop as a Customer

Switching back to admin

A toolbar appears when you’re using your site as a customer — switch back to admin status with a click.

Shop as a Customer

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