Assign User Groups to New Customers

Simplify user management of your store with the WooCommerce user roles plugin. It allows you to assign and switch user roles automatically by setting conditions. Assign a user group to new customers instead of admins performing large & complicated tasks later.

The initial category assignment can be a high authority role. New users with high-authority roles have access to more products and may order in increased amounts.

There are four conditional elements for user roles: Product type, category, order amount, or total shopping amount. User role WooCommerce enables you to create time-based rules and automatically change after the defined period ends.

Switch to any customer or user role and shop as them to facilitate customers by using the WooCommerce shop as customer plugin.

At any time, you can change an assigned user role. You can select Switch Back to the previous position. When you change user roles, it will notify the user about changing. You have the option to change the user email.


  • Assign roles to new users
  • Automate user-role switching
  • Manager user roles with multiple rules
  • Set criteria for user role-switching and gaining
  • Change or assign new roles based on:
    • Specific product purchases
    • Purchasing from a specific category
    • Placing orders of a higher price range
    • Exceeding total purchase in a range
  • Schedule user role changes
  • Revoke assigned roles and explain the changes with custom reasons
  • Email notifications when roles shift
  • Exclude specific users from the rule
  • Users and admins can access the role-change history

Edit user roles automatically

WooCommerce user role editor automates switching user roles to reduce the administrative workload. Let the subscriber become a customer, the contributor becomes an author, or the shop manager becomes an administrator based on the criteria you define.

woocommerce user roles

Assign new roles

WooCommerce role manager helps you swiftly assign roles to new users to classify them among customers, subscribers, or a relevant user group. Welcome new users with Authoritative roles to encourage them to stay connected to the store.

user role woocommerce

Multiple rules for user roles

You can create multiple rules for managing user role switches and gains for different user groups with the WooCommerce editor role. The users get a role soon after they purchase a specific product or order products of a particular amount. It simplifies user management of the store.

woocommerce role manager
Adding a new rule.

Set user role switch or gain criteria

To automate user role switching and gaining, you need to set criteria. WooCommerce change user role after purchase allows four different conditions to determine user roles.

  • Specific product purchase – select a product
  • Purchase from a specific category – choose a category
  • Ordering in a price range – provide a lower and upper limit
  • Customer’s total purchase

woocommerce change user role after purchase

Apply rules for a specific period

Enter a starting and ending date to schedule rule implementations with WooCommerce roles permission. Assign user roles or switch them within your specified period.

woocommerce editor role

Set the duration of the role

Assign or switch user roles for a few days. When you promote users to higher roles for a specific time, you learn how the changes affect user engagement and response.

user role editor woocommerce

Return users to previous roles as needed

You can switch a user back to their previous role. You can change back if you assign a user role like WooCommerce shop manager and the user takes unfair advantage. The admin can share a reason for switching roles with the users.

WooCommerce user roles plugin

Email notifications for a role switch

User role editor WooCommerce sends an email notification to the user and the admin when a user role changes.

WooCommerce shop manager role

Eliminate specific users

You can exclude specific users from assigning or switching roles. The rule will apply to the store’s remaining user groups.

WooCommerce Custom user roles

User role-switch history

Users and admins can view role-switch history with the WooCommerce role manager. They can view role changes at any time.

Admin view

woocommerce user role editor

Customer view

woocommerce role editor


Minimum PHP version: 5.2

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