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WooCommerce role based pricing plugin allows you to suggest a price and let the customers decide what to pay for a product. The role based pricing for WooCommerce allows you to set different prices based on each user role.

Edit default user roles or add new user roles with the WooCommerce add user roles plugin. The plugin allows you to add new user roles or edit the default WooCommerce user roles. Moreover, you can edit the permissions for both default and newly added user roles.

The wooCommerce price by user role plugin enables the admin to set product prices based on user roles and specific customers. You can offer discounts based on user roles or markup by a percentage amount. The change in price or discounts will only be visible for selected user roles or customers.

If you want to add and edit user roles and switch roles automatically, checkout our User roles editor – Add, Assign and Switch user roles plugin.

Use WooCommerce custom pricing extension to find your sweet spot: Set minimum and maximum limits on order quantity or price to ensure you’ll make a profit, and let customers decide what to pay. Restrict order quantity based on a user price to ensure not to sell many item quantities at low prices. 

WooCommerce custom price based on user input extension allows the admin to Track sales, and get to know the price shoppers are willing to pay. Or use it to create donation products, and let supporters decide how much they can give.



  • Allow customers to pay the price they are willing to pay
  • Set pricing for different user roles and individual customers
  • Add new rules for specific products or categories
  • Hide general and sale prices from the product or shop page
  • Set a price range with minimum and maximum values
  • Restrict product order quantities based on customer price
  • Display or hide the suggested, maximum, and minimum price on the product page
  • Redirect customers to cart, checkout, or product page from the shop page
  • Manage rules easily from the back office
  • Use with Simple or Variable Products

Enable Role Based Pricing

WooCommerce role based pricing plugin enables you to set product prices based on user roles. From the backend, go to products and click on edit for a particular product. Then click on the Role Base Pricing (By User role) tab. Here you will find a table enlisting all the user roles. Here you can set different prices for all user roles.

role based pricing

Let customers decide what to pay

With the help of the WooCommerce name your price plugin allow customers to choose a price that suits them. Use minimum and maximum limits to stop customers from selecting a price that’s too low or too high, or you can suggest a price.

Edit or Add User Roles

WooCommerce add user roles plugin provides you with the ability to edit or add user roles. You can edit the default user roles and change the permissions for all default WooCommerce user roles. You can create new user roles edit or delete them and set different prices for all user roles. Besides adding user roles, you can manage permissions for each role. You can edit the following capabilities of any user role:

  • Posts capabilities
  • Pages capabilities
  • Plugins capabilities
  • Themes capabilities
  • Core capabilities
  • Users capabilities
  • Files capabilities
  • Network capabilities
  • Sites capabilities

Set minimum and maximums price limits

custom user defined pricing for WooCommerce extension lets you limit the users to a price range that ensures your profitability. You can set maximum and minimum price or quantity limits to maximize profits within that variable range.

WooCommerce user defined pricing

Restrict order quantity

WooCommerce prices by user role allow you to restrict order quantity on product and cart pages based on the customer’s price. The admin can limit user roles or individual customers to different order quantities based on the product price.

WooCommerce user price

WooCommerce user price

Hide general / sale price from product & shop page

It enables you to hide general prices from the shop page as well as from the product page. With the name your price WooCommerce plugin, the admin can hide the sale price from the product and shop page.

Customize field titles

With the WooCommerce custom price plugin, you can add custom text to the field titles of your new pricing options as per your preferences. You can add text for minimum-maximum price fields, cart buttons, and suggested prices.

WooCommerce user defined pricing

Set custom redirects

The name your price WooCommerce plugin enables you to set redirects to control where customers go after adding a product to their cart. Take them directly to the cart or checkout page, or back to the product page to keep shopping.

woocommerce user defined pricing

Create Rules based on User Roles

With the role based pricing for WooCommerce plugin, you can create and assign user roles based on rules. You can create separate rules for different user roles and enable user-defined pricing for guest users.

Woocommerce user defined pricing


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